Are you an ISV developer?

The Developer Center has added more content for our Partners who integrate Docusign eSignature services into their business application products.

Do you develop applications as an Integrated Software Vendor?

If you are a developer working on software that will be licensed to other businesses and are looking to integrate Docusign eSignature into your product, we now have integration guides specific to the needs of ISVs. There is even an Integration Guide Selector that will lead you to the correct guide based on your answers to a few questions.

An ISV Developer journey: Two paths

The Partner Integration Guide section of the Developer Center includes two new guides, each specific to the type of ISV integration being built. While the eSignature service and its features and capabilities are the same for all integrators, there are some considerations that ISV Partners should be aware of and take into consideration in their design. These guides provide that ISV context.

There is a guide specific to ISV developers that are designing and building an integration that enhances their business app by connecting to the customer’s Docusign eSignature account for envelopes. This guide will help you get the most out of your investment into a Docusign “connector” for your business app workflows and processes. The other guide is geared towards those ISV developers who are designing and building Docusign eSignature services directly into their business application as a service that they provide. In this case, their app users are not leveraging their own customer Docusign accounts, but are instead using services provided by the ISV. There are more implementation constraints and business considerations when integrating in this fashion. In any case, it is definitely worth running through the Integration Guide Selector to help you understand which guide is the right one for you.

You can find the Integration Guide Selector, the Guides, and other information on partnering with Docusign on our Getting Started for ISVs page.

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