Announcing the Docusign 2023 Release 4

Throughout 2023, our product releases have focused on making the process of agreeing smarter, easier and more trusted for you, your signers, and your senders. You can now offer your customers easier ways to engage with you by preparing, signing and completing forms and documents faster than ever before with Web Forms and Document Generation. Additionally, you can now more accurately and remotely verify customer identity making your engagements more secure with Liveness Detection for Identity Verification. And, you can use additional Docusign functionality leveraging the tools and applications that you’re already using today, like Salesforce or Microsoft with Template Formatting with Microsoft Word and CLM Integration with Salesforce Financial Services Cloud.

This final release of the year includes the next steps in agreement innovation. You’ll be able to leverage AI to work smarter and faster, create a multi-channel experience that wows your signers, and simplify identity verification for repeat signers.

Here are the highlights from Docusign 2023 Release 4:

Meet your signers where they are with a multi-channel experience

In a constantly evolving world, enabling signers to complete agreements wherever they are is key to keeping workflows moving. Signers will now be able to enjoy an additional channel that creates an even more engaging signing experience that speeds up business transactions.  

Multi-channel delivery for review and signing, now including WhatsApp

Reach signers faster at the communication channel that they most prefer, whether that’s email, text (SMS), or now WhatsApp. Deliver trusted, real-time WhatsApp notifications sent from Docusign’s verified business account, with a direct link for signers to begin the signing workflow right from their mobile devices. This makes agreeing even easier for the 2.78 billion global WhatsApp users. Available now.

Screenshots of WhatsApp delivery for DocuSign eSignature

Work smarter and faster with the latest in agreement intelligence

With the speed at which business operates today, it's crucial to have tools that enable you to work smarter and faster. You might already be harnessing the power of AI with remote liveness detection for identity verification, agreement summarization in eSignature and AI-extracted values in CLM. In this release, you can sign up to join our AI Labs to be the first to try out generative AI-enabled capabilities in a secure, trusted environment. We’ve also modernized the Docusign CLM search experience so you can quickly find AI-extracted values in your agreements.

AI Labs

Docusign AI Labs is a safe and secure portal where you can learn, evaluate and experiment with our AI innovations. You can summarize agreements, get simple explanations of complex clauses, and receive clear answers to questions you’ve asked about the content of an agreement. This agile environment is a space to engage with generative AI, learning what it does well and how to utilize future AI-enabled product capabilities best to maximize value. Sign up for Early Access Waitlist.

Screenshot of agreement summarization in DocuSign

Modernized CLM search experience

Limited contract visibility across departments is a significant business challenge for many organizations—it takes the average company 45 minutes to find a specific agreement and 84 minutes to find specific language within an agreement.

That’s why we’re making it easier than ever for you to access agreements and AI-extracted values in your contract repository. The new Docusign CLM search experience makes agreements more discoverable and actionable, empowering users to save customized searches most relevant to their role, filter for specific contract attributes, and execute bulk actions such as downloading or exporting agreements right from the results page. Available February 2024.

Screenshots of the modernized search experience in DocuSign CLM

Simplify QES-mandated ID verification for signers

Enhancing security and reducing risk without compromising efficiency and user experience has been a sought after tradeoff, especially when it comes to Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES), the digital signature with the most rigorous identification requirements. Earlier this year we launched Identity Verification for EU Qualified which streamlines the QES attainment process by making the signer experience more convenient while offering the same level of assurance to the business. Coming soon, Identity Wallet for QES will further simplify the QES agreement process for repeat signers by helping  repeat signers avoid having to constantly confirm their identity.

Persist IDs for faster Qualified Electronic Signatures agreements 

The identification process for QES is going to be even easier and more convenient than ever before with Identity Wallet for QES. Recipients can securely store their identity by pairing their Identity Wallet with the passkey available on their mobile or desktop / laptop device.  Utilizing the built-in biometric capabilities available on their device, like FaceID and fingerprint scans, signers can quickly and securely re-apply their stored identity saving time on each QES agreement and reducing unnecessary friction. Coming soon.

Check out the full Docusign 2023 Release 4

Want to learn more? Visit our Docusign Release 4 page to access additional information on these latest enhancements.

Will Spendlove
VP, Product & Partner Marketing
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