Accelerate E-Signature Adoption with Expert-Led Onboarding Services

From day one of your Docusign eSignature journey, it’s crucial to accelerate your time to launch and set the foundation for your long-term success. A Docusign onboarding consultant can help you achieve these goals by providing strategic guidance and expert-led coaching.

"My onboarding consultant, Kevin, is a Docusign and Salesforce guru. His depth of knowledge really shows his expertise in determining the roadblocks to integrate the two while providing best practices that would streamline processes & improve proficiencies." - Grants Administrator, Long Family Foundation

Let Docusign experts show you the fastest path to success 

Whether you’re optimizing your existing processes or investing in new technology, your digital transformation will be a journey. Docusign’s team of experts can help you start off right by deploying with speed and confidence. 

The first step is to make sure you have the customized coaching you need to execute and launch your first use case with Docusign. Our guided onboarding programs deliver expert-led coaching that’s tailored to your specific business requirements. With every engagement, we aim to help you: 

  • Accelerate your time-to-value.Get personalized guidance and best practices from a product and industry expert. 
  • Get ready for deployment. Use our proven approach and get the go-live support you need to launch your first use case. 
  • Scale for growth. Develop a strategic vision that ensures your digital agreement processes will grow at the same speed as your business.

Choose the plan that meets your unique needs 

No two Docusign customers are alike. As a new or existing customer, you can easily get the personalized guidance, administrative best practices and prescriptive recommendations you need to get up and running quickly.

With Docusign onboarding services, you can choose between two plans based on your specific business requirements:

  1. Onboarding services. With this plan, you get onboarding guidance for up to three qualified product use cases,including some of our most in demand products such as eSignature, ID Verification and Rooms for Real Estate or one out-of-the-box connector including eSignature and Gen for Salesforce, Google Suite, Microsoft Productivity Suite, Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft Dynamics and NetSuite. 
  2. Onboarding services lite. With this plan, you get onboarding guidance for one Docusign eSignature (web app) use case2

1 - Onboarding Services is limited to Docusign eSignature, Docusign Click, Docusign ID Verification and Digital Signatures, Docusign Rooms for Real Estate, Docusign Retrieve, Docusign eWitness and Docusign Monitor. 

2- Onboarding Services Lite is limited to Docusign eSignature, Docusign ID Verification, Docusign Click and Docusign Retrieve

Get expert coaching every step of the way

Once you’ve engaged onboarding services, we’ll ensure that you're set up for success within the first 90 days of your Docusign journey. Our team of Docusign onboarding consultants will partner with you to:

  1. Kick off your deployment. An onboarding consultant will align with you on your unique business objectives, timeline and key milestones. 
  2. Give you expert guidance. You’ll get prescriptive consulting and administrative best practices to help you configure a solution, set up templates, drive change management and more.
  3. Deploy with confidence. We’ll review and validate your solution to make sure you’re completely ready to go live.
  4. Arm you with essential skills. You’ll get tailored recommendations for on-demand learning via Docusign University. We’ll also provide always-on digital success resources to support your deployment and future expansion plans.

Work alongside an advocate for your success

Docusign onboarding consultants have a proven track record of helping thousands of customers like you get started using eSignature. Our team can help you achieve your desired business outcomes by serving as a trusted advisor—giving you the assurance to deploy your first use cases successfully.

Your onboarding consultant will also provide you with personalized and prescriptive digital success resources as well as self-help admin and end-user training recommendations via Docusign University. These assets will equip you with the product knowledge you need to augment adoption and continuously enable your teams.

Do more with Docusign Customer Success

Want to learn more about how your organization can maximize your Docusign investment with Onboarding Services? Reach out to your account team or contact us at

You can also take advantage of always-on success resources at your fingertips: 

  • Digital Onboarding. Support adoption at your own pace using self-guided onboarding plans and always-on digital success resources.
  • Docusign University. Expand your knowledge with self-paced learning paths that can be completed at your own pace 
  • Knowledge Market. Capture the full value of your Docusign investment with self-help tools, use cases and best practices.
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