The Importance of the Environment in Paperless Agreement Systems

Tech Means Business podcast S03 Episode 20 (originally published on TechWire Asia)

Many companies today are worried about the environmental impact their activities are having on the well-being of the planet. And every business cares about costs, too! So how come, years after the concept was first mooted, we're still not at a place where we all work in so-called paperless offices. Such a concept is clearly a win on both counts?

In this episode of the Tech Means Business podcast, we talk to Docusign and one of the company's clients, BoardRoom, about the practicalities of moving from a paper-based workflow to one that's all-digital. Such an approach saves huge amounts of environmental costs (some of the statistics mentioned are truly alarming) but also speeds up the time taken to get complex agreements over the finishing line.

In addition to Iesha Berry and Andrea Dixon of Docusign, we also host Tina Thomas of BoardRoom in this round table discussion that touches on every organisation's carbon footprint, and how it can and should be shrunk. From changing mindsets to implementing solutions, you'll hear how even small businesses can make big differences to the fate of Planet Earth, save valuable resources, and drive efficiencies with a truly paperless agreement workflow,

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