Use Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment for Docusign

As an enterprise IT manager, you’re constantly under pressure to deliver more with less - especially if you’re successful at it. Not only do you need to keep paying for the software solutions you’re already using every day, but you also need to find ways to work more efficiently and effectively as you grow and expand.

For most IT managers, this means getting creative. It means stretching your budget constantly, looking for ever more efficient ways to retain and expand your team’s capabilities without driving costs up.

The good news is, you’re not in this alone. Microsoft is helping IT managers stay budget-conscious with significant committed spend discounts. It’s a program called the Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment, or MACC.

This is what you should know about MACC, including how it can help you make much more of your IT budget, equip you with essential solutions like Docusign in the most cost-effective way possible, and even help you save on costs without sacrificing functionality in the long term.

What is committed spend?

In the Cloud industry, committed spend (also known as cloud spend, cloud commit, committed use, or consumption commitment) refers to the amount of money a company agrees to spend on Cloud services within a specific period. When you negotiate with a Cloud provider on which subscription services you’re going to pay for and for how long, you’re making a spend commitment of whatever you agree upon.

Major software and Cloud providers like Microsoft benefit when their customers make spend commitments because commitments help guarantee a sustainable source of revenue. To incentivize their customers to make bigger and longer spend commitments, therefore, many cloud service providers reward customers who make them by providing committed spend discounts.

What is a Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC) agreement? 

Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment, or MACC, is the discount and payment system Microsoft uses to incentivize committed spend.

MACC is a form of payment credit that Microsoft awards to loyal customers and partners for their continued patronage of their products.

For example: If your company is negotiating a renewal of a Microsoft software subscription you’ve used for several years, then Microsoft might provide you with MACC credits as part of the terms of your renewal.

Whenever you purchase an Azure benefit-eligible offer through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, 100% of the pretax purchase amount of that transaction will also count toward your MACC. This includes Microsoft Azure services billed through an Azure Marketplace deployment.

Once you have a MACC, it will appear on your Azure Marketplace portal in the Cost Management and Billing section. This will show you how much MACC credit you have as an equivalent to dollars. 

These MACC credits are redeemable for any software available in the Azure Marketplace whose publisher (like Docusign) has signed up for and been approved to participate in the MACC enrollment program.

How MACC agreement benefits you

Committed spend discounts like MACC can be highly beneficial for companies that use Cloud-based services because they allow these companies to purchase the software they need at a much lower cost than they would have to pay if they didn’t commit to a long-term purchase.

Committed spend discounts also scale with the size of the commitment, meaning the more a customer commits to buying from a provider during the commitment period, the better the deal they’ll get on their committed spend purchases. By earning greater committed spend discounts, solutions like Microsoft’s services become more and more cost-effective over time.

MACC can be especially useful because of its high flexibility. MACC is a true money-equivalent credit within the Azure Marketplace, meaning you can spend it exactly as you would regular cash on any software and subscriptions you can use through Azure Marketplace.

For example, as a Microsoft partner, Docusign’s solutions on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace are eligible to be purchased with your MACC. 

Docusign and Microsoft

In 2022, Docusign expanded our global strategic partnership with Microsoft. Our objective in doing so was to make the full suite of Docusign capabilities easier to utilize via the Cloud, in order to offer greater choice, flexibility, and fully integrated support for our customers.

"Our collaboration with DocuSign enhances our ability to help our customers bring the agreement processes directly into the flow of work," said Judson Althoff, EVP & Chief Commercial Officer, Microsoft. "Together we will reduce the complexity of collaborating on agreements, drive efficiency and productivity, and make anywhere work more possible."

Utilizing Docusign with the MACC agreement

As part of our partnership with Microsoft, DocuSign has made our solutions available for use through Microsoft’s Azure Cloud technology and therefore available for purchase using your MACC. You can use MACC credits to purchase or renew your subscription to any of the following Docusign services:

  • Docusign eSignature
  • Docusign CLM
  • Docusign Intelligent Agreement Management
  • …and more

Then, you can use Docusign’s integrations for Microsoft: 

With the help of these easily-integrated solutions, your team can:

  • Manage customer, vendor, and partner onboarding invoices from a single, sharable and secure location
  • Organize and fulfill sales agreement order forms, SOWs, and contract renewals 
  • Keep all HR recruiting and employee onboarding documents in a single place where they can be easily accessed, referenced, shared, and updated as needed
  • Store legal agreements such as MSAs and NDAs for immediate reference whenever you need them
  • Securely file and access procurement agreements such as RFPs and distribution rights documents
  • Manage all internal processes, including form filling, directly from a secure, central cloud-based platform

Paying for these services using your MACC couldn’t be easier: just get in touch with Docusign the way you would when purchasing or managing your subscription and let our team know you’d like to purchase with your MACC. Once the terms are agreed upon, we’ll send you a private offer through Microsoft Azure Marketplace. From there, your new Docusign functionalities will be a click away.

An easy win-win 

For customers of both Microsoft and Docusign, making the most of MACC agreements is an easy win-win. You’ll gain quick, seamless, and integrated access to all the Microsoft Cloud-facilitated Docusign services you need and you’ll pay for them in the most efficient manner possible.

Whatever document management solutions your company requires, Docusign’s Microsoft enhanced services are your best option. To start using your MACC committed spend to purchase Docusign solutions on Azure Marketplace, get in touch with our team.

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