Inside integrations: Docusign helps Procore customers build a better future

In the construction industry, time is money. Project delays can be incredibly costly, as can any cracks in the process of getting a project off the ground. Construction managers are always on the lookout for ways to streamline systems, mitigate risk, and centralise key project information. 

It’s why a growing number of construction companies and related businesses are using Procore. In fact, over one million projects across the globe have been managed using this end-to-end construction management solution.

Built to help companies in the construction industry realise more predictable and profitable outcomes on the construction site, Procore helps with everything from pre-construction to close-out, and from field to office. It streamlines workflows, keeps teams in sync, and provides visibility across all projects.

And it’s just got even better, thanks to an integration with Docusign. The Docusign Procore integration simplifies and automates critical agreements in a construction project – to further accelerate business processes and outcomes. 

Already, thousands of customers across thousands of projects have given the integration a big thumbs up. One of our most recent customers said that the ability to go fully digital and move onto an online agreement process integrated with Procore feels like stepping out of the dark ages. Finally. An easy way for construction managers and contractors to stay organised and on schedule.

So, what does this integration look like?

Once the Docusign integration is enabled in the Procore platform, an option to sign with Docusign will appear under each available tool. You can complete change orders, subcontractor agreements, invoices and more, all sent and received from Procore Financials. 

For example, if you’re setting up a Commitment contract, you can enter all the relevant information into the Commitment, simply click on the ‘Create and send with Docusign’ button, which then automatically redirects you to Docusign where you can manage the newly-created envelope. You can view your documents, assign templates, and customise the signing fields – all without leaving your screen. 

Here’s what you can do with the Docusign-Procure integration:

  • Prepare, send and manage contracts: Generate, complete and store documents within Procore, making Procore the single system of record for projects.  
  • Send documents for signature: Send everything from contractor agreements to change orders. Received documents can be signed digitally on any device, speeding up one of the lengthiest parts of the contract process. 
  • Standardise agreements: Use templates to reduce redundant work between projects.
  • Automate workflows: Design workflows to eliminate manual tasks, like initiating payments or invoices, from your contract process.  
  • Increase visibility: Check the status of contracts and other documents instantly within Procore, and monitor who needs to sign next.

As well as being quick and easy to use, the integration helps reduce financial and legal risk. With its centralised digital storage and audit trail, Procore users don’t have to worry about losing a document or someone contesting a contract after it’s signed. The speed and transparency of the signing process ensures every party is aware of and legally agrees to their responsibilities within the contract.

Docusign and Procore are helping builders stay on schedule and avoid costly blow-outs. To learn more about how to activate a Docusign Procore activation, reach out to your Docusign or Procore account team. 

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