Digital Day recap: How B2B sales teams can adapt to win with Docusign for Salesforce

The inaugural APAC Digital Day 2022 is done and dusted. Here’s a recap of our session on how B2B sales teams can get one step ahead by integrating all the most important aspects of the selling process directly into Salesforce.

Salesforce lies at the heart of many sales teams. Yet to move deals forward and ultimately close them, sales reps often have to deal with manual processes like copy and pasting data in and out of different platforms. Not only can this be error-prone, but it puts the handbrake on opportunities and leaves reps with less time to do the work that matters most.

In our Digital Day session for sales teams, Docusign’s Bethany Nyberg spoke to one of our customers, Alison Binskin, Head of Business Enablement at Prospa, about how one simple integration can transform the way that sales teams execute contracts through Salesforce. We’re talking, of course, about Docusign for Salesforce

First, why transform your sales process?

Well, as Bethany explained, B2B sales is changing fast. The process is becoming more complex, with buyers wielding more power than ever on the path to purchase. In fact, 82% of buyers saying personalised experience increases their loyalty, and 2.5x more people preferring to seal deals on mobile devices compared to email. 

In the face of these growing demands, the pressure is on sales teams to deliver faster, smoother, easier and ultimately better customer experiences. Not only does this keep customers on side, but it speeds up the deal cycle and delivers better business results. 

Why Docusign for Salesforce is such a powerful combo at Prospa

Prospa is Australia’s #1 lender to small businesses. Their success is no accident – Prospa relentlessly pursues customer service excellence and continual process improvement. With a mission of helping small businesses grow, Prospa does everything it can to accelerate the lending process for business owners. 

“Our customers often come in with a sense of urgency. At the same time, they seek great service,” said Alison. To realise both goals, Prospa has eliminated physical documents and replaced them with Docusign. “With Docusign, we can provide a great customer experience, with speed and convenience at the centre.” 

“Docusign is integrated into our entire CRM in Salesforce. Agents can send out agreements, and we can track and review progress. We’re notified when they land back in our system, so we can get them their funds right away.”

Alison cited the example of a tradie who works on a building site. If he needs money fast, he’s not going to want to wait until he’s back at his computer in the evening to sign a document. With Docusign for Salesforce, it’s easy to send him a text message with a link to a mobile-responsive loan agreement that he can read and sign from his phone. Funds get transferred by the end of the day, and everyone wins. 

Delivering fast, user-friendly experiences like these have helped propel Prospa’s NPS to over 75. “We’ve earnt this score by listening to our customers, seeing what they’re doing, and providing an easier lending process. Using Docusign across all our products, systems and geographies helps us deliver on our promise of a same-day solution,” said Alison.

Simplifying B2B sales

To show just how easy it is to set up, send and sign a sales contract using Docusign for Salesforce, Edward Ratanasena, Solution Engineer at Docusign, then walked Digital Day attendees through a quick demo of how to set up a template that pulls in Opportunity and Account data, and how to sign via mobile.

To watch Edward’s demo or to hear more from Alison about Prospa’s journey with Docusign, watch the full webinar now. Or to learn more about how Docusign for Salesforce can transform your sales agreements, get in touch for a one-on-one consultation with a Docusign specialist.

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