Data privacy solutions

Let’s agree to protect privacy

DocuSign and data privacy initiatives

The DocuSign Agreement Cloud helps your organization prepare, sign, act on and manage your agreements in a way that can help you comply with state-, country- and industry-specific data privacy regulations. Our technologies allow your organization to honor data subjects' rights and fulfill data requests without overwhelming your legal, privacy and compliance teams.

Collect provable consent to revised terms and conditions, disclosures and privacy policies

Businesses need to collect—and document—many forms of customer or user consent to terms found in Data Processing Agreements (DPA), End User License Agreements (EULAs), Terms and Conditions, privacy policies and the like.

DocuSign can help you capture affirmative consent to your clickwrap agreements, all with a single click. This enforceable method of consent capture offers a complete audit trail, including date, time and other critical information. Learn about DocuSign Click, our clickwrap solution.

Analyze agreements for data privacy risk

Address compliance requirements faster and more completely with the power of AI. Search, filter and intelligently analyze agreements across multiple DocuSign eSignature accounts and document storage repositories. Use machine learning to help automatically identify contract clauses relevant to data privacy obligations. Learn more about contract analytics available with DocuSign Insight.

Generate revised agreements for shared third-party data

If you identify data privacy compliance gaps within your agreements, you may want to amend and renegotiate contract terms. Traditionally, “re-papering” agreements with a range of suppliers, business partners and other service providers can be costly and error-prone. Streamline this process by automating contract creation, negotiation and approval. Learn about DocuSign CLM.

Make daily data access requests more customer friendly

Operationalize your privacy compliance by creating efficient ways to manage subject access requests. Solutions like PowerForms generate on-demand, self-service standardized documents for intaking access requests, eliminating document preparation time. Learn more about electronic signatures and power forms.

Protect against local and global threats

Choose an electronic signature tool that meets or exceeds a number of national and international security standards and best practices for supporting third-party audits, certifications and assessments. DocuSign eSignature meets some of the most stringent US, EU, and global security standards. Learn about secure electronic signatures.

Enforce a consistent process

With digital agreements and contracts, automation can help lower risk by removing the possibility of manual errors. This helps to ensure a consistent process for managing data subjects seeking to access their private data or “opt out” of sharing personal information.

Manage access to private data

In most systems of record, agreements are strewn across many departments, vendors, applications and teams with varying levels of security and control—putting many organizations at greater risk. The right contract lifecycle management solution organizes contracts into a protected and searchable central repository that keeps data safe with customizable document permissions. Explore our enterprise-wide CLM solution.

If these sound like solutions that can help your legal, procurement or compliance teams, download our Data Privacy eBook.