Why you should integrate eSignature and Workday

By Burke Fewel, Senior Partner Marketing Manager, DocuSign

From sending out the initial offer letter to completing onboarding paperwork, there are many opportunities to digitize and automate your hiring processes, saving time, reducing errors, and improving the employee experience. DocuSign and Workday have partnered to create a platform that transforms HR processes by integrating DocuSign eSignature into any core Workday business function.  

Sending the offer letter

After spending days or even weeks screening resumes, completing phone interviews, and checking references, you’re ready to extend an offer. Make this exciting moment more seamless by integrating DocuSign eSignature with Workday. Create and send digital offer letters that candidates can review and sign on their computers or mobile devices right from within Workday. Not only does this save time, the data automatically transfers between systems when the candidate signs, so HR isn’t stuck manually re-keying data.


Hire time shortened


A digital offer letter significantly reduces the time between HR’s offers and candidates’ acceptances by eliminating printing, signing, scanning, and the back-and-forth mailing of paper documents. 


Downstream processes triggered automatically


When you manually send out offer letters, the monumental task of tracking down approvals and signatures can result in delays and dampened candidate interest. Going digital speeds up the entire process, from alerting the prospective employee of an extended offer to notifying your HR team once it’s signed.

Executing new-hire documents

On a new employee’s first day, spend less time compiling benefits and payroll paperwork, and instead focus on creating an amazing employee experience that helps new hires feel welcome and comfortable.

The DocuSign for Workday integration allows you to customize and streamline your onboarding workflow. As soon as one step is complete, the application automatically triggers the next downstream process. You can easily tailor this workflow for time-sensitive documents, such as I-9s and W-4s, or customization requirements across roles and regions. And completed forms are automatically transferred to a central, secure, easily accessible repository.


Manual data entry eliminated


Research from Forrester found that 62 percent of businesses encounter redundancy when preparing agreements. The culprit? Employees manually adding information to contracts that already exists in their systems. The DocuSign for Workday integration automatically pulls candidate information into common onboarding documents.

Tracking employee forms

Tracking the sheer number of documents involved in a new-employee hire can be overwhelming. Add all of the necessary compliance regulations, and even the most seasoned HR executive can easily spend hours organizing and checking forms for accuracy. The HR Daily Advisor Study of HR leaders found, 44 percent said that they weren’t confident in their ability to quickly and accurately meet audit requirements.

Using the DocuSign for Workday integration, forms receive a tamper-proof virtual seal after they’re signed. You also get an easily traceable audit trail, so you can ensure that your business stays in compliance during each step of the onboarding process—without any extra work. If you’re hiring multiple candidates simultaneously, a convenient dashboard provides the current status of each applicant’s contract, allowing you to easily track them in one place.


Workday Rising 2019 - see DocuSign there!


DocuSign is a proud Silver sponsor of Workday’s flagship HR event of the year, Workday Rising 2019, being held in Orlando at the Orange County Convention Center from October 14-18, 2019.  We’d love to meet with you there. Here is a summary of our activities at the show:

  • Stop by booth #117 in the expo hall to say hello to the team and get a demo of the DocuSign integration with Workday.
  • Come hear our 20-minute session on the Expo show floor. Learn from Connie Wu about how using DocuSign for Workday can automate and accelerate your HR agreement process.
  • Request a meeting with us. Get one-on-one time with the DocuSign team on site, by emailing workday@docusign.com.
  • Join us for a special evening networking event on Tuesday, October 15, from 5-8pm at Oceanaire. Email workday@docusign.com to receive an invitation.

The DocuSign + Workday partnership is growing stronger every day. Learn how we can help you accelerate your HR agreement process by visiting us https://www.docusign.com/solutions/workday.