Tips for Real Estate: Faxing Documents

Still using fax as a communication tool? No problem.

DocuSign Transaction Rooms is designed to be simple. We want every agent, broker, or client to be able to use the program, regardless of their communication preferences. DocuSign Transaction Rooms provides not only in-app document sharing, but email and fax capabilities as well. Based on user feedback, we’ve found that faxing is still a major way agents communicate with lenders, legal entities, buyers, and sellers.

Every paid Transaction Rooms account is assigned a fax number. We provide you with 300 outbound fax pages per month along with unlimited inbound faxing for no additional charge. You can view your fax number either at the top left of your Inbox, or within the Inbox Details section of your account settings. Your fax number cannot be changed or transferred from another fax provider.

Faxing is available for any documents within the Inbox, My Docs, or Transactions sections. There are two ways to fax a document:

  • Right click on any document within the application and choose fax from the list of options. A window will pop up allowing you to enter in the recipient’s fax number and name. You can only send a fax to one recipient at a time.
  • You can also send a fax from the document preview. Click on the document to bring up the document preview, then click on the Document Actions button in the upper right.

Select the fax option and enter the recipient’s fax number and name. Again, you can only send a fax to one recipient at a time.

Just like traditional fax machines, DocuSign Transaction Rooms provides a fax receipt. Once a fax is sent, you can view the status by clicking on the document to bring up the document preview. Next, click on the activity log icon in the upper-right corner.

This will show a timestamp and confirmation that the fax was not only sent, but also successfully delivered.

Is faxing still a big part of your communication? If so, how often are you faxing on a weekly or monthly basis? Let us know in the comment section below, and stay tuned for more real estate tips!

Brent Boyens