How to Build a Web Form

Complex and clunky forms cause signers to easily abandon the process. This not only creates poor customer experiences but also slows down agreement completion and stops you from obtaining crucial user data.

Use Web Forms to deliver a more interactive and seamless form-filling signing experience for your signers. By streamlining data collection, you can speed up completion and more easily unlock the data within your agreements. 

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How to create a Web Form

Many forms solutions require complex coding that can create a burden on IT teams to build, maintain and scale. With Web Forms, you can easily build and maintain forms with simplified drag-and-drop functionality. Here’s how to easily create a Web Form in just a few clicks:

1. Import a template

  • Click the Forms tab > New 
  • Select a template and click Import Selected 

2. Customize fields

  • Click Outline to view/edit sections, field properties and conditional rules 

3. Activate form

  • Click Preview to test your rules 
  • When you’re ready to finalize, click Activate

Now, follow the series of prompts to create a shareable Web Form URL and embed your form on a web page or email it to your signers.

Preparing templates for Web Forms

Pre-built templates increase workflow efficiency by allowing you to save and reuse customizable agreement fields, without having to start from scratch for each agreement.

Important fields can be automatically imported into your form directly from an eSignature template. Your DocuSign account includes access to a template library to help you get started with this.

Template requirements for Web Forms

To create a Web Form, your template must include these three key requirements:

  • At least one document
  • First recipient must have the Needs to Sign action, with at least one field assigned to them
  • Each field must have its own descriptive Data Label

Once you set up your template correctly, all fields will be imported automatically into Web Forms, making the form set up process quick and easy.

Check out this short video for a step-by-step guide on creating Web Forms, or explore these additional resources to get started with Web Forms now.

Troubleshooting common problems

Have additional Web Form questions? Check out these common error messages for more guidance on how to upload a template with Web Forms, or head over to Web Forms support page to learn more.

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