Find Agreements Faster with a Modernized CLM Search Experience

Limited contract visibility across departments is a significant business challenge for many organizations. The average company needs 45 minutes to find a specific agreement and 84 minutes to find specific language within an agreement. Almost half of teams report being unable to find a completed contract they were looking for.

That’s why we’re making it easier than ever for you to access agreements in your contract repository.

The new DocuSign CLM search experience makes agreements more discoverable and actionable. It also empowers users to create and save customized searches most relevant to their role so anyone can personalize their agreement library to suit their specific needs. Individual users can filter for specific contract attributes and execute bulk actions such as downloading or exporting agreements directly from the results page.

The new CLM search experience empowers users to:

  • Experience a new and improved search tray: Search for keywords, filter based on specific contract attributes, repeat past searches and even save specific searches you might want to revisit again
  • Enjoy a Google-like search experience: Find what you are looking for in a fast and familiar way with highlighted keywords and a more modern results page
  • Perform bulk actions: Download or export one or many agreements directly from CLM for further review, analysis or action

To appreciate how CLM search functionality will change your day-to-day agreement work, first think about the processes your team currently has in place to search for and through contracts. Are all agreements stored in a centralized digital repository or are they spread across a combination of physical and digital locations? Is there any way to find basic information about those agreements—contract type, parties, dollar value, expiration date, etc.—without reading through the body copy? Do you have functionality that goes further than the basic control+F or command+F keyword search?

Compare your current agreement search experience to the new capabilities offered by DocuSign CLM. All agreements from across the organization are stored in the same database, whether they’re current, expired, started, completed or anywhere in between. A single search bar allows you to type in agreement parties, specific contract terms or anything that would help you narrow down your list of agreements. Alternatively, you can set certain filters and find all agreements that meet those criteria. If the results are particularly useful, you can save those settings and repeat the same search later.

Once you have a list of individual agreements that you need, you can sort by any criteria that you want (i.e. the highest dollar value or the earliest expiration date). You can even click on any item in that list to scan the full text in a PDF or search for individual keywords in that specific document.

DocuSign’s modernized CLM search experience helps increase contract visibility across teams and improve operational efficiency. 

Watch the demo below to see these exciting new capabilities in action or contact your account manager to learn more about DocuSign CLM.