More to Love about the Rooms API

Since launching the Rooms API in our Developer Center this past September, we’ve added over 50 new endpoints enabling you to enhance and expand your DocuSign integration. So what can you do now?

  • Create rooms with a template. Room Templates simplify the setup of a room by attaching the appropriate Task Lists ensuring the workflow you want is in place. Guide. Code Example.
  • Get data into and out of a room. Get critical transaction data into and out of a room via the Rooms API to reduce manual data entry. Code Example
  • Create and manage roles. Roles are a critical component of the DocuSign Rooms application that determine what users can do within the app. You can now do the setup and continued management of roles via the Rooms API. API Reference
  • And so much more!

Haven’t heard of DocuSign Rooms yet?

The DocuSign Rooms product enables companies to streamline complex agreements through a secure, digital workspace that can be optimized to their specific workflow needs. You can think of a Room as a container to manage all the tasks, documents, people, and approvals involved in multi-step or multi-party transactions, such as buying a house or applying for a mortgage. The Rooms API supports all DocuSign Rooms products, including Rooms for Real Estate and Rooms for Mortgage. Learn more.

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