Developer Spotlight: Jim Cote, Liberty Fund

After graduating with a history degree, Jim Cote began programming and worked as a software consultant before becoming the Director of Information Services for Liberty Fund, Inc., an educational foundation based in Indianapolis, Indiana. He develops and maintains applications to run Liberty Fund's conference and publishing programs and is an enthusiastic Go language developer.

Liberty Fund runs over one hundred small conferences each year, and prior to implementing DocuSign, staff processed hotel contracts, registrations and tax forms manually. Ending the faxing and emailing of documents using DocuSign's web application improved their processes immediately. Using eSignature REST API within their internal event/CRM application provided another productivity jump with the automated generation, sending and receiving of tax and registration forms along with other contracts. Implementing DocuSign Connect webhooks on Google's App Engine and Cloud Functions allows instant updates to internal databases so users can view document status within Liberty Fund's internal apps. The organization is currently experimenting with implementing the DocuSign Click API to allow individuals to register their use of copyrighted material.

After we released our Swagger/OpenAPI specification, Jim created a new Go librarygenerated from the Swagger definition and released the package as open source. Used in Liberty Fund's systems to handle all of their DocuSign REST API calls, the package fully implements the version 2 eSignature REST API and much of the new Click API. He expects to release Go libraries for the eSignature REST API v2.1 and the Organization Admin API soon.

In his spare time, Jim enjoys cycling and reading. He may be reached via LinkedIn.

Inbar Gazit
Inbar Gazit
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