Developer Spotlight: Eric Tucker, Documate

Developer Spotlight Eric Tucker

Eric Tucker, senior software engineer for Documate, got into software development seven years ago as a career transition, having spent his first ten years in sales. He's never looked back. With experience as a full stack developer as well as a software architect, he's done DocuSign integrations in past positions and anticipates another DocuSign integration at Documate.

At one of Eric's positions, with Interest Smart Home Loans, he led the effort to build a DocuSign integration with their custom CRM system to automate the sending, signing, and receiving of loan applications. The company was already using DocuSign, but by individual loan officers using the DocuSign web application to execute individual steps. Eric's integration replaced this multistep manual process with a fully automated workflow using DocuSign templates that not only automatically routed documents for signature, but detected signed applications and routed them automatically back to the borrower's CRM record. Eric developed his integration in PHP using the DocuSign eSignature REST API and his own custom-built Laravel 5 wrapper.

In his free time, Eric likes golf (despite not being good at it), playing poker (he tries to go to the World Series of Poker every year in Las Vegas), and enjoying all that beautiful Southern California has to offer. You can find Eric's projects on GitHub or reach Eric at LinkedIn.


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