Developer Spotlight: Brian Young - milkmoney

Brian Young graduated with a Biological Science degree from UC Irvine; however, he ended up in the tech industry as a self-taught coder. Prior to being a full-time coder, Brian owned a tutoring business and very much enjoyed mentoring students in the STEM area. Brian liked solving puzzles growing up, and he finds his everyday coding experience at work to be very similar and pleasurable. Having started by learning C++ and C#, then moving to Java, Brian's absolute favorite language is JavaScript, and he uses it to build everything from the ground up. It would be his dream to have his own successful app or start-up!

At MilkMoney, Inc., where Brian currently works as a full-stack developer, the start-up specializes in building a tech platform that serves as a marketplace for purchasing last-minute out-of-home advertising (billboards, digital panels, etc.) deals. At MilkMoney, deals are always moving quickly. One of the challenges that the company faces is having to respond immediately to signed contracts. Once a contract is signed, an ad campaign officially starts, and MilkMoney must work with its clients and vendors to make the campaign live. Thanks to DocuSign, Brian and his dev team utilizes the eSignature REST API's Envelope::listStatusChanges method to catch any updates of a contract, eliminating the need for a routine check-up via email. A status change is also hooked up to MilkMoney's proprietary technology that automates the rest of a campaign operation, leaving no idle time from start to finish. Additionally, Brian likes the resend feature in the Envelopes::update method, which MilkMoney uses to remind its clients before a contract is due. Due to his previous experience as software intern at an open-source firm, Liferay, Inc., he is inspired to dive into other's code and contribute to awesome open-source libraries anytime he can, including DocuSign's eSignature REST API.

Outside of work, Brian enjoys watching movies, trying different coffee shops, and read up on topics related to medical research, physics, and the Bible. Brian has many dreams to fulfill, and the current top three would be to own a pasta restaurant, travel around the world, and to give to scientific research. You can reach Brian on LinkedIn.

Inbar Gazit
Inbar Gazit
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