Developer Spotlight: Bobby Alcorn, Economic Strategist

Spotlight Developer, Bobby Alcorn

Bobby Alcorn began his coding career as a basic HTML developer, creating and building websites with nothing more than Notepad. As his passion for coding grew, so did his skillset, and he developed into a full backend systems developer, working with several established companies as a lead or consultant. Following a freelance stint, he became CTO at Economic Strategist, a financial services firm in Dallas, Texas.

Bobby has implemented the DocuSign API protocol into his current company’s process using JWT Grant authentication. All onboarding employees, members and clients are required to sign multiple documents specific to their role in the system. Bobby created a custom process of automating these required documents for all. When a user logs in to one of the Economic Strategist systems, APIs take over to automate the required documents process. All necessary documents are generated and emailed to the user using the DocuSign APIs. Once the user completes the required documents, Economic Strategist systems receive notification via APIs to capture the signed documents and update the user accounts accordingly. By automating this process, Bobby was able to speed up the required document process, ensure accuracy, help the company be “greener”, and save hours of manual work for administrative assistants. This development and integration created a win/win situation for everyone involved!

When he's not developing systems or writing code for personal projects, Bobby enjoys playing PS4, spending time outdoors or just hanging with family and friends. He is also studying to become a Zend Certified PHP Engineer. You can contact Bobby through LinkedIn.

Matt Lusher
Matthew Lusher
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