Developer Spotlight: Andrew Duncan, DataBuzz

Spotlight Developer, Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan studied law and journalism at university, but ended up in the world of IT. After working in the legal industry after graduating, he eventually started developing software with Apple, Inc. in London and Sydney before co-founding Complete Data, a real estate software company. Andrew started Databuzz in 1997 (he's the CEO and Senior Developer) and the company focuses on the FileMaker platform. Databuzz works with small and medium-sized businesses, government agencies, and multinational corporations all around the world to help improve their workflows and streamline business operations.

As a software vendor that creates solutions for its clients to integrate in their own technology platforms, Databuzz faced the challenge of building an integration that would itself be embeddable. The product they developed is called fmESignature Link, and enables customers to use DocuSign functionality within FileMaker to create, send, and sign documents electronically. For this purpose, they chose the JWT authentication model. Building on DocuSign's eSignature REST API, Andrew and his team incorporated native Curl and JSON functionality from FileMaker's API to authenticate, send envelopes for signing, and download the completed PDF document and form data. They were also able to incorporate FileMaker's native on-the-fly PDF generation as an input to DocuSign envelopes, enabling customers to generate signable documents directly within FileMaker and use DocuSign to send them for signature.

Andrew is based in Sydney, Australia and has been developing solutions for the FileMaker platform for over 20 years. He's a regular speaker at developer conferences, including several WordCamps and the annual FileMaker Developer Conference. You can reach him via LinkedIn and Twitter.

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