Docusign Notary is now MISMO Certified for Remote Online Notarization

Lenders are increasingly incorporating Remote Online Notarization (RON) into the digital mortgage process to offer borrowers a seamless, online closing experience. RON is the process of notarizing a document remotely through the use of electronic signature, identity verification, two-way audio-visual session and electronic record-keeping technologies.

These technologies enable notaries to notarize securely while also saving time and travel for themselves and the parties involved. Instead of meeting in a physical location to sign a paper document, the notary public and the signer can conduct a notarial act on their devices from wherever they happen to be located, as long as their state laws permit.

We are excited to announce that Docusign Notary is MISMO® certified for Remote Online Notarization. The MISMO eMortgage Technology Certification provides transparency on which eMortgage technology providers comply with the applicable MISMO standards/certification requirements. Docusign Notary customers have the assurance that they can close documents and perform notarizations online in compliance with the MISMO standards.

What is MISMO?

MISMO is the standards development body for the real estate finance industry. MISMO standards are accepted and deployed by every type of entity involved in creating mortgages, and they are used extensively by housing agencies and regulators including: the  government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) UMDP program, FHA, VA, Ginnie, USDA, and CFPB.

Benefits for Lenders

Like Docusign, MISMO is committed to leading efforts in creating a better digital mortgage experience for all parties involved in a real estate transaction. MISMO solutions lead to:

  • Lower costs throughout the mortgage process
  • Reduced friction as information is shared effectively between the various parties in the mortgage transaction
  • Faster, more efficient loan closings 
  • Enhanced innovation across the industry
  • Improved regulatory and counterparty compliance
  • Reduced levels of fraud

Docusign Notary is a tool that securely connects lenders, borrowers and notaries public in a digital space to conduct notarial acts. Docusign Rooms for Mortgage with Docusign Notary lets lenders prepare, sign and manage a fully digital closing within a secure, digital workspace while providing a best-in-class borrower experience. Borrowers can join a virtual session with a notary to sign and complete documents that require notarization or recording, like a deed of trust. Additionally, the session recording and an electronic journal are made available to the notaries for record-keeping.

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We’re able to get to a funded status a lot quicker than we could in the past when we were using couriers to move paper documents to and from title companies.
James Wise
Sr. Lending Program Manager
Solarity Credit Union

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