Docusign eSignature Mobile Updates: Improvements for Large Screens and More

We continuously improve the Docusign eSignature mobile app to keep you signing, sending and managing agreements on the go. Feedback from our customers helps us continue to build new features to create the best electronic signature experience on virtually any device.

Check out the latest and greatest on the eSignature mobile app below.

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From sales contracts and offer letters, to lease agreements and invoices, the top-rated Docusign eSignature mobile app enables you to move agreements forward and conduct business securely and efficiently from almost anywhere in the world. 

Here’s a look at the new features we’ve introduced over the last few months.

Drag & drop

Need to use Docusign eSignature with your favorite productivity and business apps? Seamlessly drag and drop email attachments or files, in multi view, directly into eSignature - jump starting the envelope creation process. Collect signatures without having to close your apps, giving you the ability to multitask while on the go.

Screenshot of drag and drop experience in the DocuSign mobile app

Signature improvements

Signing with a stylus, such as Samsung’s S-pen, is easier than ever. Over the last few months, we’ve improved the signing experience on the Docusign eSignature mobile app to keep you signing and sending on the go. Upload a document to sign yourself and add your e-signature with a stylus to keep business moving forward. When on a foldable device, such as the new Samsung Fold4, you can now keep scrolling through the document on the top half of the device while placing your signature on the bottom.

Updated homepage user experience

As new phones are launched with larger screens, such as the Samsung Fold4, we’ve improved the Docusign eSignature mobile app to enable you to do more on your new device. Our larger screen support includes a new home screen layout, overall adaptive design optimized for all window sizes and device orientations, new navigation menu for easy access, side-by-side document details pane for larger screens, ability for hard press selection to enable bulk actions, and more.

Screenshot of the homepage in the DocuSign mobile app

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