Docusign Closes Acquisition of Seal Software

Today is an exciting day as we close our acquisition of Seal Software, a pioneer in AI-driven contract analytics.

Docusign has been reselling Seal’s flagship product as Docusign Intelligent Insights since 2018. It allows you to rapidly search large collections of agreements by legal and business concepts (rather than just by keywords); automatically extract and compare critical clauses and terms side-by-side; quickly identify areas of risk and opportunity; and get actionable insights that help solve legal and business challenges. 

For example, an international telecom company reduced the legal review time on customer agreements by more than 80%, a global financial services leader automated the analysis of over 2.6M contractual data points for supplier agreements, and a global aviation supplier reviewed over 25,000 agreements in just five business days as part of a corporate restructuring.

For our customers, the acquisition of Seal allows us to deliver more AI and analytics capabilities, both now and in the future. In addition to continuing to sell, service, and enhance Intelligent Insights:

  • We are accelerating the development of Seal’s technology and its integration with other Agreement Cloud products, such as Docusign CLM.
  • We are providing a broader range of purpose-built AI models for needs like data privacy, Brexit, LIBOR, and analyzing agreements for COVID-19-related risks such as “force majeure” clauses.
  • We can serve your analytics needs more broadly and deeply with the infusion of talent that Seal brings us.
  • We are advancing our AI analytics infrastructure, which originated from Docusign’s 2017 acquisition of technology from machine learning startup Appuri.

 These activities align to our strategy of providing a comprehensive suite of technologies for automating the agreement process, made smart with AI.

We originally announced the Seal acquisition in late February this year. And as we pass the milestone of deal-close, we’d like to thank Seal for being a great partner, and officially welcome Seal employees as colleagues!

Let the next chapter of “AI meets agreements” be written, starting now.

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