Updated DocuSign University Learning Portal for Developers

DocuSign University (DSU) recently launched an updated learning portal for developers. With this new learning portal, developers can easily get started by finding and enrolling in courses that showcase how to build using DocuSign APIs. DSU has also created several new developer-focused learning plans to help you master topics including envelopes, integrations, and authentication. 

You can log in to the DSU Developer learning portal with the same DocuSign Developer Account credentials that you use in the Developer Center. Once there,  you can search for courses based on words or phrases, and filter results by language, content type, topic, industry, and integration. Search terms are incorporated into the URL for the search results page, so you can easily share search results with team members simply by sharing the link, like this: DSU Learning Plans on APIs in English.

The new learning portal also provides a localized experience for multiple regions. In addition to English, you can navigate the portal in German, Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese, and Japanese. 

Explore the new learning portal at https://dsudevelopers.docusign.com/.

DSU Developer Portal

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Sasha Vodnik
Sasha Vodnik
Senior Technical Course Developer