Developer Spotlight: Tom Yang, BNY Mellon

Tom Yang is the Vice President of Software Development at BNY Mellon, one of the world’s largest investment management firms, where he focuses on technological innovation and process improvements. In a matter of months, Tom was able to seamlessly integrate DocuSign into the company’s Salesforce instance by extending the core functionality of the DocuSign for Salesforce app and creating and implementing a custom solution leveraging the DocuSign REST API, JavaScript, and Visualforce. The result was a greatly improved client experience and a more efficient end-to-end experience for fund purchasing and investment selection.

You can learn more about Tom’s role in the project, the components of his custom solution, and the technologies used by watching his presentation from DocuSign’s Momentum conference. In addition to demonstrating what was built (and how it works), Tom discusses the development challenges he encountered and the solutions he implemented (including code snippets) to address those challenges. Tom is also a charter member of the DocuSign MVP program.

Tom has held various roles in the e-commerce, electronics, and financial services industries. He has led the development and delivery of a wide array of software solutions, including automated workflow management, database publishing/replication, customer service applications, embedded software for printers and copiers, dashboard and report automation, PII data encryption, and electronic signature solutions. A self-described entrepreneurial technologist and avid world traveler, you can follow Tom on Twitter @dearTomYang.

Tony Mann
Tony Mann
Director of Developer Content