Developer Spotlight: Elias Obadia, Tesh Corp and DreamsCube

DocuSign Developer Spotlight Elias Obadia

Elias Obadia is co-founder and CEO of DreamsCube© and Tesh Corp, and the creator of Splash©, a software robot capable of producing responsive, cloud-based web platforms, specializing in investor portals. Elias has been working as a computer scientist and engineer for more than two decades. He has a computer science degree, a USB Magister in Science, and postgraduate studies in Harvard Business School and Babson Business School. In the past he has worked for Microsoft, Novell, and Deloitte.

Since most of the systems they develop are for Investment companies, Obadia's team wanted to accelerate and simplify the process of subscriptions for new investors into an investment firm. In this process, the new potential investor needs to fill a complex document and send it to the Investment firm's account manager for final approval and incorporation.

Sending a 40-page document with complex rules about what to fill and what to skip depending on certain conditions, scanning the document, and sending it back makes the process long and complicated. Obadia's team wanted to accelerate the subscription onboarding process. For that, they combined three tools:

  1. They developed a wizard webform using ASP.NET that gathers all the information from the investor and allows the account manager to simultaneously help the investor by filling the appropriate fields together with the investor.
  2. The information is taken from the wizard and merged into a PDF file that has field forms (for which DocuSign has many third-party libraries).
  3. DocuSign Tabs are used via the eSignature REST API to dynamically add the fields that are needed at the signature moment (e.g., dates and signatures). The app then uses DocuSign to route the document for signatures.

The result of this integration is streamlined investor subscriptions, tremendous time saved in the process, and greater customer satisfaction.

When he's not making life easier for his investment firm clients, Elias likes to spend time with his family. His chief avocational pursuit is to try to understand and research about the creation and purpose of life. You can reach him via email or on LinkedIn.

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