Simply adopting DocuSign can cause a dramatic rise in efficiency at your organization. However, many organizations choose to capitalize on the benefits of going digital by creating an internal DocuSign Center of Excellence, or COE.

The COE focuses on strengthening the goals of the company through increasing the use of DocuSign. One of the most important ways to get DocuSign up and running around your business? Gathering information about use cases. Not only does the right information help the COE reach out to the appropriate people, it helps to track adoption progress.

Want to learn how to create simple yet effective use case intake forms?

The CSA Knowledge Market’s complimentary white paper “Leveraging Use Case Intake Forms” includes helpful tips on: 

  • What to include in the form
  • How to make use of various types of tags
  • How to make the form easier to fill out
  • How to collect more detailed information

Want to start collecting invaluable use case info or simply fine-tune your current use case intake forms? Take a peek at “Leveraging Use Case Intake Forms” to get the ball rolling!

Did you like the “Leveraging Use Case Intake Forms” white paper? Are there other topics that you’d like us to cover? If so, please leave a comment below, and we’ll try to cover them in future papers!