Creating Form Template Libraries for State and Local Government

For many states, there is a wide range of standard contracts and forms that must be constantly managed, which can quickly overwhelm state government employees with overall document volume.

Fortunately, state and local agencies can use DocuSign Templates to save and reuse repeatable information for every form and simply put a “placeholder” for the recipient.

And now, state agencies, such as California and Washington, are partnering with DocuSign to create template libraries of standard forms that are common across agencies—streamlining how employees create, share and fill out forms.

Common government forms ideal for template libraries

There are many government forms perfect for having in a template library. For example, The State of California has a comprehensive DocuSign template library that gives employees access to many commonly used operational forms like STD 699 (a Direct Deposit Authorization form for government employees) and STD 204 (used to obtain payee information for income tax reporting and to ensure tax compliance with federal and state law).

Here are few examples of other forms commonly used by the State of California:

  • STD 200 Telework Agreement
  • STD 213 Standard Agreement
  • STD 215 Agreement Summary 
  • STD 634 Absence & Additional Time Worked Report

By using the DocuSign template library, state agencies no longer have to spend time developing templates from scratch. They can now tap into existing templates, which allows them to not only streamline employee processes but also enables them to introduce these forms earlier to constituents.

“In August of 2022, California Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) was required to quickly communicate and tabulate telework information from all staff (1500),” said Kris Rhodewalt, IT Manager for Cal OES. “By using the Form 200 from the STD template library, we had a solution using DocuSign ready in two weeks. The template was shared as a PowerForm, which allowed us to track completed surveys in a spreadsheet, and the HR team was able to quickly verify the quality of the responses would meet their needs!”

Similarly, the State of Washington created a library of commonly used forms to leverage across their agencies:

  • Personnel Position Action Request
  • Performance and Development Plan Evaluation
  • Leave Request
  • Mobile and Flexible Work Agreement
  • Time and Attendance Record

Beyond California and Washington, here are a few more examples of forms that other state agencies commonly use:

State and local agencies can easily and quickly develop DocuSign template libraries to streamline the creation, sharing and signing of popular forms for employees. Ultimately, this creates a better employee experience, enhances overall operational efficiencies and delivers forms to constituents faster.

To learn more, see how the State of California and the State of Washington are getting the most out of their form template libraries, and visit the DocuSign Template Library.