Liveness Detection for ID Verification

Introducing liveness detection for ID Verification, an enhancement to Docusign ID Verification offering higher identity assurances, reduced failure rates and a more efficient end-user experience.

In today's ever-evolving digital landscape, identity verification is of paramount importance for businesses. Identity verification in agreements provides trust between parties. Today, proper identity verification online presents more challenges than ever:

  • Smarter fraud: As cloud computing evolves, fraudsters gain access to new capabilities at no cost, making it essential for businesses to stay ahead of malicious actors.
  • Customer expectations: Studies show that 75% of businesses have no patience for subpar digital experiences. Identity verification processes need to be seamless to meet these expectations.
  • Evolving landscape: Global government regulations are trending towards stricter compliance requirements, with harsher penalties for non-compliance. Organizations must adapt to these changing regulations.

“Impersonating someone is as easy as finding a password among the billions compromised every year…or sending an email in someone else’s name. Identity-based attacks are extremely easy to carry out and can be done remotely on a global scale.” - Aidan McCarty, Forbes

How does ID Verification work?

ID Verification provides digital identity proofing of signers via verification of passports, government issued ID cards, successfully answering knowledge-based authentication (KBA) questions, or leveraging electronic IDs, or bank logins*:

  • Verification of government-issued photo IDs requires signers to upload government issued documents as part of the identity verification process. 
  • Knowledge-based authentication requires signers to successfully answer questions about themselves (i.e. current and former addresses), based on data taken from public records. NOTE: KBA is only available to customers and signers based in the United States.
  • Bank-based login enables signers to verify their identities by logging into their mainstream bank account(s). NOTE: Bank-based login is only available to customers and signers based in the UK.

What is liveness detection for ID Verification?

Liveness detection technology prevents identity spoofing by using biometrics checks powered by artificial intelligence to compare the photo on the signer's identity document, and the video selfie they are asked to take, as part of the verification process. This ensures that recipients are who they say they are, the identity documents are genuine and they match the photo on the document. By ensuring that the signer is present at the time of verification, this helps more accurately validate them as part of the agreement process.

Biometric checks such as liveness detection make it easier and more secure for businesses to identify their signers by delivering:

  • Higher identity assurances: Apply AI to live video selfies and help confirm that IDs provided are genuine, signers are physically present, and that signers' faces match their IDs
  • Reduced failure rates: Enhancements to the interface help reduce failure rates by providing detailed system guidance at key stages of the identity verification process 
  • Offer a more efficient end user experience: Support for more countries and ID document types help deliver a more seamless and enjoyable user experience with less friction¹

Example: Streamlining the account opening process for a bank

A leading bank is seeking to make the new account opening processes for its customers more streamlined by conducting the identity verification process online. Rather than forcing new customers to physically attend meetings at branches, it decides to incorporate enhanced ID verification technologies into its online onboarding workflow.

Now, when a customer applies for an account online, they are asked to not only submit a government-issued identity document, but also pass various biometric checks, such as taking a live video selfie and performing various face gestures. The new AI-enabled system analyzes various factors, such as facial movements, to confirm the person in the video matches the image on their identity document, and is a ‘live’ person as opposed to a pre-recording or deep fake.

By employing liveness detection, the bank enhances the security and reliability of the account opening process, reducing any risks of fraudulent activity and ensuring that the account is being opened by a genuine individual. In addition, by introducing this digital capability, it also helps position the bank as being modern, while also helping to reduce costs associated with manual identity checks.  

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Liveness detection for ID Verification is available to all Docusign ID Verification or ID Verification Premier customers.

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*Options vary by country