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Author: Marshall Nam

Just in time for Summer: More business features for DocuSign for G Suite!

Last year, we released DocuSign for Google 4.1, with three new features for our business and enterprise users: Google Drive Custom Save Options, Team Drives support and Google Identity Single Sign-On Support. To learn how…
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How eIDAS in Europe Changes the Game in North America

Did you know June 30 is the seventh annual National ESIGN Day? Yet the following day is equally important: Beginning July 1, the eIDAS regulation will take effect and help ensure more standardized use of electronic…
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Learning from History: The Origins of eIDAS

By Richard Oliphant, EMEA General Counsel, DocuSign The new eIDAS Regulation (EU No.910/2014) is set to be enforced across the EU on 1st July. This new regulation not only learns from the lessons of the…
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The New eiDAS Regulation in Europe and its Impact on North America

There is a big change coming in terms of the legal recognition of electronic signatures in Europe. Take a look below on what the new regulations will promise in terms of making cross-border trusted transactions…
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Developer Point of View: From Zero to “Beta Hero”

Contributed by Jon Shinault, Senior Developer at Point.io  I was excited, perhaps anxious, when I was asked to take-on the project of adding eSignature functionality to Point.io’s iOS reference application. I am a novice iOS…
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