Attract and Retain Customers with Frictionless Onboarding

Customers have high expectations in today’s fast-paced world, where convenience and flexibility are paramount. They crave simple, digital solutions for making purchases and managing services, financing and subscriptions.

Organizations that fail to adapt to this shift risk frustrating their customers and will miss out on capturing valuable data. When a staggering 81% of users prematurely abandon forms— almost 30% for security concerns alone—the need for change is clear. 

The current competitive landscape means organizations across industries must prioritize a frictionless, simple and secure onboarding approach. Building resilience is a top priority for small businesses, with 55% focusing on customer acquisition and retention. Additionally, 80% of customers consider the overall experience as important as product and service quality. Failing to meet these expectations can lead to decreased loyalty and loss of revenue. 

To attract and retain customers in this digital-first era, the importance of optimizing your onboarding process to offer a smooth, personalized experience cannot be overstated. No matter how simple or complex your workflows are, Docusign can help—and it all starts with the agreement process. 

Vital agreement workflows

Agreement workflows are a critical part of the new customer onboarding journey, but they often rely on manual processes and are poorly integrated, error-prone and time-consuming. Research from Forrester and Docusign shows 32% of organizations blame inefficient agreement processes for lower completion rates and abandoned deals.

From information-gathering to document generation to completion, multiple steps are involved in the agreement journey before you can offer your product or service. If your onboarding process is clunky or disjointed, it can result in higher levels of signer frustration and customer attrition. 

Docusign offers multiple ways to generate personalized agreements that meet your business’s unique process and needs. Our powerful tools and streamlined approach mean you can build an intuitive signing process with minimal friction points, leading to higher completion rates and faster turnaround times. You can also customize and secure agreements according to your business needs, allowing you to collect data from potential customers or integrate information from existing systems.

Here are a few ways Docusign removes friction from the customer onboarding experience:

Web Forms

Say goodbye to static PDF forms and hello to a slick onboarding process. The new Web Forms offering enables you to create user-friendly form-filling experiences that streamline data collection and speed up signing with just a few clicks. 

With Web Forms, you can transform the customer experience, create forms easily and collect data seamlessly. Produce forms that look and feel consistent with your brand and leverage market-leading security so signers know their data is protected. Additionally, you can gain valuable insights from data by generating reports, creating visualizations to spot trends and connecting with other systems using APIs.

Document generation

Docusign’s new Document Generation for eSignature feature means you can create personalized and professional-looking documents within the sending workflow—saving time and effort. 

Users can now customize UI elements for embedded agreements that match the look and feel of your website or app. Better yet, you can elevate the signer experience with dynamically inserted content and conditional logic. For easy integration, seamlessly merge data from your systems of record to generate documents using the eSignature API.

Multi-channel delivery

Once your agreement is created, you still need to get it into the hands of your customers with an intuitive and frictionless experience, so signers don’t abandon the process. 

eSignature lets you create smooth customer experiences by sending agreements through their preferred communication channels, like email or SMS and, soon, WhatsApp. Multi-channel delivery means choosing the best communication platform to get your agreements to your signers—anytime and anywhere. 

Close deals faster by using email, SMS or WhatsApp notifications that link directly to agreements, enabling quick signing and easy tracking with reporting. You can provide a superior experience and stand out from the competition with a mobile-friendly and engaging signing process.

Embedded agreements

For some businesses, customer onboarding occurs on websites or mobile apps. Agreement abandonment within this flow can directly impact customer acquisition and revenue generation, so a flawless strategy is key.

We’re introducing enhancements to Embedded Signing to help you easily create more seamless signing experiences across your customer touchpoints. You can embed agreements directly within websites or mobile applications and configure the display so it best matches your organization’s look and feel. You can also adjust for different signing methods to optimize conversion rates. For example, in transactions such as signing up for subscriptions or opening new accounts, you can set up click-to-sign for your embedded agreements to eliminate friction points for your customers.

Signing Insights: To develop a frictionless onboarding experience, you need to understand what makes your customer tick and identify opportunities to optimize your process for better completion rates.

With Signing Insights, you can pinpoint patterns in signing behavior with in-depth data visualizations to uncover trends and actionable insights like the template, device or browser used. Users can apply 12 separate dimensions to uncover various opportunities to improve the signer experience. Most importantly, Signing Insights is easy to use, so anyone in your organization can leverage the information without receiving training in business analytics.

Intuitive onboarding with Docusign

Docusign removes friction from onboarding with interactive, fillable forms, document generation, multi-channel delivery, customized embedded agreements and deep, actionable insights. Give your customers a faster and more intuitive experience that impresses them from the start.

Web Forms is included with eSignature Business and Enterprise Pro plans. Reach out to your Docusign representative today to learn more.