7 Facts About DocuSign eSignature Every Business Owner Should Know

When we talk with our customers who are small business owners and sole proprietors this one "surprising" thought generally comes up: they used to think that DocuSign eSignature was only meant for larger companies. Now they see the truth couldn't be more different.

Whether it’s eSignature’s ability to reduce sales cycle times and errors or improve productivity through automation, businesses of all sizes can realize significant ROI with DocuSign. Here are seven facts about eSignature to inform your approach to digital agreements.

1. Customers trust DocuSign more than any other e-signature provider

A great way to compete with larger companies is by delivering an exceptional customer experience, and a modern agreement process can help you do so. According to Finances Online, customer expectations of digital interactions are the leading driver of e-signature adoption, making digital agreements a key strategy for customer satisfaction.

But choosing any e-signature provider won’t do. To maintain your own brand perception, it’s important to find an e-signature provider that customers trust. DocuSign eSignature has the most 5-star reviews of any electronic signature product on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Salesforce AppExchange, setting it apart from other providers on the market.

With DocuSign eSignature, your customers can access and sign documents at any time on almost any device, including mobile. By investing in eSignature, you provide customers with a fast, convenient and superior signing experience, which boosts brand loyalty. This is why, after implementing eSignature, 73% of companies saw an increase in customer satisfaction.

2. DocuSign doesn’t stand alone; it integrates with the most popular applications used by small businesses

An e-signature solution that lets you stay within the apps you already know and love–and where your work gets done–is critical for saving time and improving the employee experience. Rather than toggle between siloed systems, with DocuSign eSignature, your teams can oversee agreements from your favorite productivity apps like Hubspot, Freshworks, Monday.com, Google Workspace and Slack.

By integrating with the systems you already use, eSignature lets you automatically transfer data to save time, minimize errors and increase your team’s efficiency and productivity. Frictionless integration not only speeds up eSignature’s time to value but also increases your leverage of existing digital investments: a win-win for your bottom line.

3. eSignature can be up and running in just 15 minutes

If you manage a growing business, countless pressing tasks demand your attention throughout the day. When your time is at a premium, you need technology that’s quick and easy to set up. While other technology platforms can be complicated to learn and install and require specialized tech, you can be up and running with DocuSign eSignature in just 15 minutes. In a recent survey of DocuSign customers, 20% said they were able to implement eSignature immediately.

With over a billion signers, people all over the world have already signed using DocuSign. DocuSign also offers free videos and self-paced courses so your employees can learn eSignature best practices when and where it’s most convenient for them.

4. Best-in-class security is built into all DocuSign solutions

Small and growing businesses intuitively know the importance of strong security, but are often frustrated and  think proper security measures are beyond their budget. It’s widely publicized that failing to take precautions can be extremely costly. Protecting the personal information in your business’s agreements, and your bottom line, is essential to long-term viability. The reality is that not all e-signature solutions are made equal, and some may lack the necessary level of security to protect against today’s sophisticated attacks. DocuSign takes your data seriously, meeting U.S., EU and global security and customer data protection standards.

It’s also important to know that while electronic signatures have the same legal effect as wet ink signatures in most cases, you need to be able to provide evidence linking a signer's identity to the agreement if your agreements are ever challenged in a court of law. If you choose a vendor without sufficient audit trail and verification capabilities, you could be left with unenforceable documents. In addition to verifying the identity of each signer, eSignature creates a digital audit trail to certify completion of agreements. It also uses Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) encryption to ensure signatures are valid and flag if documents are tampered with, helping you mitigate risk and protect your brand’s reputation.

5. DocuSign creates strong ROI for businesses of all sizes

By automating manual tasks to reduce errors, minimize risk and improve employee productivity, eSignature drives value for small and growing businesses and global enterprises alike. Time spent collecting signatures is reduced by an average of 25-50%, and contract turnaround time improves by 75%. Cost of paper, ink, postage and couriers is cut by an average of $4-10 per document, but there's potential for even more.

When it comes to supporting cash generation, eSignature accelerates sales turnarounds and time to revenue by creating fast and easy signing experiences. And DocuSign is constantly innovating to improve these metrics for customers of all sizes. With our Responsive Signing capability, we accelerated signing by up to 20% compared with standard signing in DocuSign eSignature.

What’s more, as opposed to solutions that your organization can quickly outgrow, the DocuSign platform offers a suite of products that scale with your business. When your company is ready, you can easily upgrade to a more advanced solution with the same familiar interface, reducing training time and maximizing near- and long-term savings. With a variety of templates for commonly used forms—including master services agreements (MSAs), statements of work (SOWs), purchase orders (POs), non-disclosure agreements, sales contracts and event registrations—eSignature also saves your team from generating contracts from scratch and doing tedious re-work. And thanks to an automated agreement flow, employees don’t have to fret over who to send an agreement to next.

6. eSignature is flexible, you can customize it to reflect your look and feel

Far from being rigid, DocuSign eSignature includes many opportunities to reinforce your brand identity and show customers you’re established, reliable and professional. Add your logo and brand colors to the eSignature online interface and reminder emails, then customize your emails and agreement page. You can even create a destination link that brings customers to your home page after signing.

In addition to strengthening brand recognition, these branding opportunities serve a second purpose: reassuring customers that documents are coming from you. This ultimately bolsters customer trust, paying off in loyalty and repeat business.

7. DocuSign is a convenient, professional and easy-to-use method for signing documents 

The market for e-signature solutions can be confusing, and it helps to know the facts. Look closely: other e-signature solutions may not be as robust or provide the same immediate and long-term value as DocuSign eSignature. With the time you save by automating manual processes in eSignature, you can focus your resources on customers, employees and more strategic work. Also, with over 1 million customers, 99.99% average availability, ease of use and an NPS of 70, eSignature is trusted around the world for all sizes and kinds of organizations.

Our commitment to customer success is strong and universal. DocuSign offers a team of 800+ of dedicated eSignature success experts and U.S.-based customer support who are available 24/7 via email, chat and phone. We also offer self-serve resources like webinars and checklists to help you deploy and get acquainted with eSignature.

Get all the facts and learn more about how DocuSign eSignature can help your business grow.

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