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Legal Trends Report

To keep up with the demands on contracting work, in-house legal teams are looking for innovations that will improve efficiency and internal collaboration. As the speed of business and the need for functional remote work increased in 2020, it became even more important to solve modern agreement problems in a way that set the stage for sustained, scalable digital transformation.

To study how today’s legal teams manage agreement work, DocuSign conducted a survey of more than 800 global corporate legal professionals, focusing on their contracting workflows and technologies. There are even predictions about the future of contracting workflows and the tools today’s teams need to build an effective infrastructure. Download the full report to get answers to today’s most important questions:

  • How much of today’s in-house legal workload is related to contracts?
  • What causes problems with internal agreement collaborators?
  • How did legal professionals modernize during the transition to remote work?
  • Which technologies are legal teams adopting to increase internal influence?

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