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A Journey Through the B2B Customer Experience

B2B buyers today expect the same seamless, personalized buying experience they get in other aspects of their digital lives. In fact, 80% of B2B buyers expect a buying experience like that of a consumer. Providing a positive customer experience isn’t just good for the buyer—it’s a strategic business decision. A recent McKinsey report revealed that higher client satisfaction scores result in 15% revenue growth, 20% lower cost to serve and even an increase in employee satisfaction. But B2B selling is more complex than B2C, with longer sales cycles, higher price points, customized solutions and more decision makers. Gartner found that the average B2B buying team now includes over 9 people, representing multiple departments within a company. So how can B2B sales teams achieve the same seamless buying experience as B2C companies?

In this guide, we’ll dive into each phase of the customer journey from problem identification to solution evaluation and purchase. We will highlight opportunities for a sales team to improve the customer experience, increasing revenue and loyalty.

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