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4 Clickwrap Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

A clickwrap refers to a simple method for legally indicating consent to a standard set of terms, such as terms-of-service and privacy policies, by clicking "I agree" or similar process. Organizations have been using—and people have been accepting— clickwrap agreements for years now. In fact, clickwraps are ubiquitous in a digital customer experience, often-times used in high-volume, consumer-facing agreements during account sign-ups and openings, software licenses and downloads, product trials, checkout pages, registration pages, and more.

When properly implemented and maintained, clickwraps can be a highly effective legal methodology, particularly for online transactions and applications. However, many organizations who don’t follow best practices are learning the hard way that clickwrap agreements need to be carefully handled. Improper or poor clickwrap practices can lead to exposure to legal risk, such as a costly public litigation, or worse, a crippling class action lawsuit.

Read the full article to learn about:

  • Case studies of organizations who’ve been taken to court due to poor clickwrap practices
  • Four common pitfalls made when managing clickwraps
  • Best practices to make sure your clickwraps will be enforceable when you need them most.

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