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For Darling Ingredients, going paperless keeps the wheels of commerce well-oiled

120,000 service agreements are a lot to keep track of. But that’s how many customer locations Senior Vice President of Restaurant Services Todd Mathes is contracted to serve at the cooking oil recycling company, Darling Ingredients.

Before the adoption of electronic signatures (eSignatures), Mathes often deployed overnight delivery services. But with triplicate copies necessarily going out at different times, the confusion piled up faster than the used oil did.

Since Darling adopted DocuSign, the technology has proved to deliver significant and quantifiable results in terms of reduction in overnight services, speed of contract management, and enhanced customer satisfaction. It even reduced fuel costs, since account managers no longer have to drive around collecting signed agreements. Darling has also become more efficient in terms of both signing accounts and processing orders. “Rather than chasing documents, we’re now able to chase new business,” Mathes boasts.

Darling customers can now sign new orders or renewals faster through a more streamlined and secure signature process.