DocuSign Spring '14 Release

Download Full Release Notes (updated March 11, 2014)

As part of the DocuSign Spring ’14 Release, we plan to deliver the following enhancements. To learn more, download the release notes or contact your DocuSign Account Manager.

Release Highlights

New Signing Configuration Options

In this release you will see new signing configuration options that provide greater flexibility during the signing experience. These include the ability to:

  • Require certain signers on an envelope to sign on paper (to support jurisdictions that don’t recognize electronic signature). Available via our REST API only. 
  • Extend support for uploading a signature from a file to signers without a DocuSign account. This feature is controlled in Account Settings.
  • Addition of Optional Signer Attachments as a tag property, so senders can provide the option for signers to attach a file to an envelope. Available via both the REST and SOAP APIs.

Print In-Process Documents

When a signer prints the contents of an in-process envelope, the printout will include all data and fields that have been filled in by signers, except for signatures and initials. 

Signing Performance Optimization

We have made significant enhancements to make the signing experience faster. In addition, we have removed cookies from our embedded signing experience, improving the performance of this feature in all supported browsers.  

Security, Performance, and Scalability 

We continue to strengthen our capabilities across all aspects of our cloud-based infrastructure

REST & SOAP API Improvements

We will make a number of quality level improvements and user requested enhancements to our REST and SOAP APIs to continue delivering world-class integration experiences. These changes will not affect existing integrations.

Improvements include capabilities designed to support complex workflows, including the ability to configure the following settings at the envelope level:

  • Consumer Disclosure On/Off (for REST in March / SOAP in April)
  • BCC Email Address (for SOAP in March / REST in April)
  • Email Reply To (for SOAP in March / REST in April) 

DocuSign Mobile Apps

DocuSign Ink Name: We will be renaming DocuSign Ink to DocuSign. Our new Windows Phone app has already adopted this change, and you’ll see updates for Windows 8, iOS and Android throughout the Spring. These changes will automatically occur as part of the standard app upgrade process for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.  Once upgraded, you will notice a new app icon along with branding updates within the app.

DocuSign for iOS: Several usability enhancements are planned for iOS, including a revised home screen, improved document status and the addition of Badges. 

The app will be localized into 11 languages. In addition to English, the new app will support Dutch, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish (Catalan).

The estimated availability for the next version of DocuSign for iOS is April.

DocuSign for Android: The Android app will see major upgrades, including the addition of template support, document tagging, and a design update. Templates must still be created in the Web console or API.

The estimated availability for the new version of DocuSign for Android is April. 

DocuSign for Windows 8 and Windows Phone: Both apps will receive template support, document tagging, cloud storage support, continued design updates, as well as localization into 22 languages. Estimated availability in March.

DocuSign Connectors

DocuSign for Salesforce 5.0: This release adds support for Salesforce1, Salesforce’s new Customer Platform, to the DocuSign for Salesforce managed package. (Available now)

DocuSign for Microsoft Outlook Web App: DocuSign for Outlook Web App allows users to sign and return email attachments from within the Inbox. (Available early March)

DocuSign for Microsoft Word: Users can now sign and send documents directly from Word. Office 365 users can also take advantage of forms pre-configured with DocuSign tags available from the template store. (Available early March)

DocuSign for Microsoft SharePoint Online: DocuSign for SharePoint Online allows you to electronically sign or send documents out for signature from any SharePoint Online document library. (Available early March)

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