Zefort is a smart contract archive with excellent user experience and bank-level security.

Zefort is a zero-effort centralized solution for archiving contracts. Perfect for companies of all sizes, Zefort gives easy access to contracts through an instant Google-like free text search, team sharing features, AI-powered document processing and automated reminders, for example. Along with built-in bank-level security, Zefort’s users have loved it for ease-of-use and clean user interface. As a cloud service, it only takes minutes to get started with Zefort.

Zefort allows you store signed contracts and related documents in an easy-to-use, centralized and secure cloud service. Once in Zefort, you and your team can find contracts or contract details easily with advanced search features. AI-powered document processing automatically picks up key metadata, such as contract titles, parties and key dates, reducing the need for manual input. Finally, automated reminders ensure that you never miss important contract dates, such as contract renewals. Zefort works straight from the cloud and does not require time-consuming implementation projects to get started.

With our DocuSign integration, you can automatically store documents signed with DocuSign to Zefort’s secure cloud service. Signed envelopes from DocuSign are placed in a specific folder defined by you. Once you have a Zefort account, connecting DocuSign takes just a few clicks and does not require technical know-how.

Key Features

  • Excellent user experience and clean user interface.
  • Powerful free-text search that covers all content, including attachments in any format.
  • AI-powered document processing that reduces manual work.
  • Bank-level security and enterprise features such as audit log.
  • See detailed feature list at https://zefort.com/pricing/




Got Questions?

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Customer Testimonials

We have a lot of experience from various information systems. That’s why we knew from day one what kinds of solutions we were not looking for. From first glance, Zefort felt like a flexible and easy-to-use solution that is clearly designed with the user in mind. 
Terhi Kauppi, CFO, Remedy Entertainment, https://zefort.com/cases/remedy/

It is fantastic to have a world-class service with cutting-edge technology and stylish user experience tackling the problems with contract management. As a bank with two centuries of history and experience, Aktia Bank was happy to join forces with a new rising company as we both share the same enthusiasm about the possibilities of digitalization. 
Jarno Koskimäki, Legal Business Partner, Legal Counsel, Aktia Bank, https://zefort.com/cases/aktia-bank/

For us, it is key that the software does not force us to change our processes. It needs to adapt to our preferred processes. 
Teemu Oksanen, General Counsel, Futurice, https://zefort.com/cases/futurice/

About the partner 

Zefort is brought to you by Aivan Innovations Ltd. We’re a service company that builds software solutions powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and a great user experience. Our customers include companies of all sizes, ranging from banks to law firms, startups and the public sector. We take pride in excellent customer service – we’re here to help you. Book an online meeting or join us on LinkedIn at  https://www.linkedin.com/company/zefort/