Vendor Management software to Manage all your vendor information in one place.

VendorLink is a leading provider on Vendor Management and Contract Lifecycle Management software. VendorLink is full cloud-based and our leading knowledge will bring simplicity in complex processes of Vendor Management.

Vendor Link’s goal is to help organizations to reach their saving targets with innovative solutions. Today organizations worldwide are working with VendorLink software. 

Within our Contract Lifecycle Management solution, we have added the possibility to use the DocuSign e-signature. Customers will have a one-stop solution for their Contract Lifecycle Management including the e-signature solution of DocuSign.

Technically, the integration of DocuSign in VendorLink is done using the DocuSign REST API. We implemented HTTP requests for authorization (using the OAuth process), sending envelopes and retrieving signed documents. We also implemented a webhook, which is called by DocuSign to inform VendorLink about status changes for the envelopes.

VendorLink allows you to collaborate with your supplier, gather all the information internally and externally (e.g. Graydon, D&B, Moody’s) and get the bigger picture of the supplier’s data and performance. All in one system, VendorLink.

Key Features

  • Spend Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Contract Lifecycle Management
  • Vendor Rating
  • Supplier Portal
  • RFQ / Sourcing


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About the partner 

VendorLink is a leading provider of Vendor Management software. Our full cloud-based solution is used worldwide. Our platform combines internal and external information of suppliers which gives companies greater visibility about the supplier, his performance, reducing potential risks and controlling costs.

We manage spend, contract lifecycle, performance and (audit) documents. Our customers will achieve maximum control on their Vendor Management process.