The Magic of Design;  Send, sign, and manage new home construction agreements when using Studio Chateau.

This integration makes it easy for Studio Chateau users to send documents for signing. Streamline your communication with homebuyers and office staff by allowing Sales Agents and Designers to send current option paperwork out for signing with the click of a button.

The Studio Chateau Integration with DocuSign allows users to send the signing documents generated by the software to buyers via DocuSign.  The signing documents are sent to the homebuyer, or office staff, with a single click and are automatically populated with data from Studio Chateau with tags for Initials, Signatures, and Dates.  Once signing documents have been sent from Studio Chateau, they can be retrieved from within our system or the DocuSign portal.  Each Builder can define their own Signing Order for Home Buyer Agreements or Preplot Authorizations.

Key Features

  • Send DocuSign Envelopes from within Studio Chateau
  • Send Signing Documents with One-Click
  • Auto-Populate Signing Documents with Buyer Information
  • Signing Documents are automatically tagged for Initials and Signing
  • Setup Custom Signing Order


#1 – Reports to Print Screen

#2 – DocuSign History Tab

About the partner 

Studio Chateau is a web-based option selection and management program for new homebuilders, homebuyers, design centers and subcontractors. We help the new home buyer maximize their design experience by providing an online catalog of the options and upgrades available for their new home while simultaneously providing a complete purchasing, contracting and financial operating environment for the home builder and design center.

As the national leader of online technology, we are dedicated to improving the new home buying and home ownership experience by providing better information and online communication to vendors, subcontractors and construction.


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