Expect more from your virtual data room.

Better Speed, Security, and Service. That’s what SmartRoom delivers. With a dedicated project manager, upload speeds at 5MB’s per second, and the most advanced multi-layered security of any other data room platform on the market, you can rely on SmartRoom to deliver a virtual data room experience that is second to none.

SmartRoom is a virtual data room chosen by over 20,000 companies and financial institutions in 50 countries around the globe to securely share and collaborate on sensitive information.  The platform goes beyond the traditional data room with unique features designed to deliver greater efficiency and maximum security for both administrators and end-users alike.

Now SmartRoom has partnered with DocuSign® to enable users to electronically sign and fill in documents directly within the SmartRoom data room. Simply select the document from SmartRoom you wish to sign or send for signature, and prepare it with DocuSign® –all without ever having to leave the data room. Completed documents are automatically saved in SmartRoom and can be accessed from anywhere. With DocuSign® and SmartRoom you gain visibility to all phases of the document cycle; streamlining the entire contract management process.

Key Features

  • Mirror and synchronize all of your SmartRoom content to your desktop to work more efficiently
  • Remotely detonate documents even after they have been downloaded by the end user
  • Restrict view, print, save, and modify rights down to the document level
  • Upload documents from email, or zip large data volumes for faster more efficient uploads
  • Dedicated project manager and 24/7/365 in house customer support





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About the partner 

BMC Group is the leading global provider of corporate information management solutions.  For over 15 years, BMC Group has helped over 20,000 companies in 50 countries achieve successful outcomes during business critical events.  Its portfolio of industry-leading technology and services help companies implement and streamline information workflows.  The company’s flagship product, SmartRoom, is a next-generation virtual data room designed to deliver greater efficiency and bank-grade security for file sharing and collaboration during strategic transactions. SmartRoom has hosted due diligence for over 10,000 transactions totaling $1 trillion in value for Fortune 500 companies and the World’s leading financial Institutions.