Connect your contracts to APIs and enterprise systems.

DocuSign users can add Smart Clause® templates to documents to automate business processes, workflows, and digital transactions. technology allows documents to be integrated fully into enterprise systems, web services, and blockchains to form the backbone of automated business logic. Contracts (and other documents) empowered with Smart Clauses are, for the first time, capable of becoming a living part of an organization’s IT infrastructure. Clause uses its unique smart contract technology to unite and automate many of these often-disparate processes, ultimately reducing complexity in transaction workflows and contract management.

About the partner 

As a DocuSign user, you can add Smart Clauses into your documents to automate certain actions. Smart Clauses turn parts of your agreements into running code, code that can listen to events in the environment, pull in information from external systems or databases, perform calculations, or kick off downstream actions based on logic. Smart Clauses can help you save significant time in validating document information and performing actions after signature, while also enabling you to prevent value leakage by automatically enforcing key contract provisions such discounts, charge-backs, credits, and more.

Clause is the leading provider of Connected Contracting® technology, enabling contracts to natively integrate with enterprise software and blockchain networks. Companies in industries as diverse as manufacturing, telecom, financial services, retail, and others can use Clause to automate compliance with legally binding obligations, reducing operating costs and minimizing revenue leakage. The Clause platform provides real-time visibility about contract performance. Clause can be accessed via a web application or API. Clause also established the Accord Project with leading law firms, standards bodies, and technology organizations to develop the foundations of smart legal contracts and distributed ledger applications for legal transactions.

Key Features

  • Easily automate operations like payments, invoices, and notifications, by adding a Smart Clause® template into your contract, just like an e-signature block.
  • Smart Clauses are connectable to any data source, database, enterprise software, or blockchain network.
  • Smart Clauses can handle complex, inter-clause, and inter-contract logic.
  • Smart Clauses can be auto-populated and inserted across different agreements and systems.
  • Create custom Smart Clause templates from your own agreements.



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