ProposalPoint provides organisations with digital proposal software that integrates into DocuSign.

ProposalPoint provides digital proposals that help customers have a point-of-difference when pitching their services to potential customers. It allows organisations to track customer engagement with proposals providing valuable insights so they know when and what conversations to have with their potential clients. When clients are ready to proceed with proposals they can digitally sign the proposal via the DocuSign eSignature integration.

ProposalPoint customers will create custom digital proposals from within the Dashboard outlining their unique service proposition, costings, timelines and other key factors. They will then deliver their digital proposal via email or sms and track engagement customers have with a proposal.

When the customer is ready to proceed with the proposal they will hit the “Proceed” button where they will be asked to populate a form with their personal details. At the bottom of the form there will be the option “Generate Agreement”. Once selected the information added to the form will be sent through to docusign where an agreement will be generated for the customer to sign via the DocuSign eSignature feature.


Key Features 

  • Save Time and Cost - Produce proposals more efficiently
  • Different Yourself - Be more tech savvy than your competition
  • Know When to Call - Know when clients are viewing the proposal so you know the best time to call
  • Stay Front-of Mind - Retarget ads via Facebook & Google to increase brand recognition
  • Manage Pipeline More Effectively - Update potential clients regularly


How it works

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ProposalPoint provides organisations with interactive and high quality digital proposals that helps them win more business.