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Grow and transform your most valuable customer relationships

Pramata empowers Fortune 1000 companies to drive significant revenue growth and stronger compliance efforts by digitizing complex contract information and transforming it—along with existing CRM and billing system data—into a continuous cycle of accurate, meaningful intelligence about their most valuable customer relationships.

World-class brands like CenturyLink, Novelis, Comcast and FICO choose Pramata’s modern cloud platform to grow value throughout the customer lifecycle and position themselves for future business transformation. 

Your most valuable customer relationships are also your most complex—highly negotiated, long-standing, frequently changing. This complexity often creates havoc for the people who regularly engage with your customers to both provide and grow value–whether in the sales process, in service delivery or in back office operations.

Often this complexity leads to costly gaps within the revenue lifecycle because of chronic misinformation. And these gaps open up serious revenue leakage at the rate of millions per quarter, while also inviting in significant compliance risk.

Your CRM, billing system, even tribal knowledge—these information sources can’t tell the whole story. The missing link? The tangible information found only in your signed, complex customer contracts.

In Pramata, customers find a unique solution that injects immediate value into the revenue cycle, but also underlies their larger digital transformation strategies. What begins as the digitization of complex contract information quickly becomes a transformational solution for enriching all downstream customer processes and business decisions. By applying greater meaning and context to that information and placing it in the hands of the people who need it most to sell, service, operate and retain value throughout the customer lifecycle.

Key benefits with DocuSign integration:

  • Strong workflow to push final contract documents into Pramata’s platform
  • Collaborative markup where the markup details can be captured as actionable insights for the business
  • Both DocuSign and Pramata are integrated with leading CRM systems.
  • Provides a single system of record for digital customer relationships

Pramata customers know the only way to eliminate the information gaps and make the most effective decisions at every stage of the customer value lifecycle is to ...

  • Unlock the foundational information buried in your complex customer contracts
  • Digitize and refine that information to within 99% accuracy, then intelligently combine it with relevant data from your CRM and billing systems
  • Place this meaningful intelligence in the hands of the people who need it to fuel downstream processes across sales, finance and operations
  • Accelerate revenue, manage compliance risk and grow your most valuable customers 


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We empower large B2B companies with complete, actionable insights about their most valuable customer relationships to drive significant revenue growth and stronger compliance efforts.

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