Mortgage Automator is the most advanced end-to-end loan origination and servicing software for private lenders.


Perfect for residential, commercial and construction lending (rehab, fix & flips), in seconds, Mortgage Automator generates custom documents, compliance reports, ACH/PAD payments and more. Improve communication with borrower and investor portals. With unlimited documents, unlimited users*, and unlimited training and support, focus your team on growth and let Mortgage Automator handle the rest.

By using a solid foundation for digital signing of documents and by allowing borrowers and other related parties to sign documents remotely, a lot of time is saved in the loan origination process.

Save time on documentation

All that time you spend on creating new documents can be channeled into getting more business instead. Auto-generate custom documents, compliance reports, ACH / PAD payments and more while focusing on running and growing your private lending business.

Streamline communication

Send out automated communication to all relevant parties in a timely manner. Request appraisals directly through the system, inform borrowers of NSF payments with automatic text message alerts, and keep all your communication centralized in borrower and investor portals.

Do more with the same resources

By automating your lending business processes, you can free up your team to work on building relationships and getting more deals, allocating more time for marketing and finding new investors. Increase efficiency by automating mundane tasks and get more done.

Key Features

  • Loan origination. A complete loan origination suite is available to track the deals in your lending process. Every possible type of loan is supported, and loan documents (like term sheets) are created automatically to be perfect every time.
  • Loan servicing. ACH payments are completed in seconds; borrowers receive text messages in case of NSFs, even before you get a chance to send them an automatically generated NSF letter; investors can be replaced mid-deal, and much more.
  • Borrower portal. The Borrower Portal or a form on your website can be used to submit applications directly into your Mortgage Automator account.
  • Investor relations. A beautiful, organized, and easy-to-follow investor statement is sent automatically on the morning of your investor payments, establishing a clear understanding of their portfolio and, more importantly, trust in your private lending process.


Customer Testimonials

The name speaks for itself... and the people are AWESOME!
 Mortgage Automator is so user friendly; not much need for training, it is very intuitive to navigate. They are very helpful and super quick to return a call or email. Producing paperwork for us has become so much easier.

Katie Fulford,  Manager, HR & Business Operations – New Haven Mortgage

Cut our manual process over 60%. It is custom tailored for our individual needs not only in front and operations but in back and servicing. This software has allowed us to become paper free. I have sat down and talked to many developers in the space. This was the only company that delivered what it said and has the upmost professional team.

Alex Buriak, Senior Vice President, Business Development – Jet Lending

Mortgage Automator... Automates! The Mortgage Automator Platform is relied on as our core loan management database / software. All major features were considered and work as needed, and some custom features have even been developed and implemented based on our companies suggestions. This software is easily equivalent to 2-3 (or more) additional staff.

James Grantis, Director of Lending – Hosper Mortgage

About the partner 

We first started in 2013 as a simple document generating tool for a small private lender in Toronto, Canada. The idea was to relieve the company from their redundant day-to-day tasks, and instead help them concentrate on growing and managing their business. It worked so well that the product was made available to everyone in the industry!

Since then, the software has evolved significantly to encompass every possible feature and account for all the unique lending scenarios. Mortgage Automator was officially re-launched in 2019 and won the Supplier Innovator of the Year Award from the Canadian Mortgage Awards of Excellence the same year!