LendingFront Small Business Loan Origination System

Generate loan closing docs and present them for e-signing.

LendingFront offers an end-to-end small business loan origination and servicing platform. The LendingFront DocuSign integration allows clients to seamlessly generate loan closing documents from templates (including loan agreements, guarantees and automatic payment authorizations) and present them digitally to borrowers for electronic signing.

LendingFront’s DocuSign integration allows LendingFront clients to do the following:

  • Define templates for all required loan closing documents
  • Automatically generate closing documents for each loan, where all variable fields (such as borrower information and loan terms) are automatically populated
  • Present closing documents to borrowers for online electronic signature or however they choose
  • Add optional identity verification or other security and anti-fraud measures, as required
  • Seamlessly and securely track and store all documents and signatures within LendingFront

About the partner 

LendingFront offers a complete white-label small business credit software platform for banks and other financial institutions. Our cloud-based solution offers a set of integrated or standalone modules covering all aspects of the financing process from application intake, to underwriting, origination and servicing. Our platform offers clients the ability to automate as much of the lending process as they choose, while retaining full control and manual oversight where desired. Our clients range from fast-growing online-only credit providers to $10bn+ financial institutions. Our founding team includes pioneers in small business lending technology from American Express, Capital One, and OnDeck and others.