JobScore empowers employers to find and hire great people. Our software helps your team get better at recruiting.

JobScore simplifies your hiring. Our START product is affordable, self-service recruiting software for small businesses. Our SCALE product is a powerful, modern applicant tracking system that helps employers reach hiring goals while getting better at recruiting. JobScore includes a branded careers site, tools to build candidate pipeline by posting and sharing jobs, employee referral campaign management and features to review, interview and hire great people.

JobScore is a industry leading Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that helps companies streamline their recruiting and hiring -- from the moment a need to hire is identified, through review, interview, and offer. With over a decade of innovation, JobScore has helped thousands of employers process millions of resumes and hire thousands of employees across 150 countries. In partnership with DocuSign, JobScore offers an easy to use recruiting platform with powerful, quick, & seamless e-signatures to find, interview, and hire top talent. 

Key Features

  • Impress Candidates: Make your Careers page beautiful, with customization of themes including colors, fonts, and more. Create job postings that come alive with videos, images, maps, and team profiles.
  • Build Candidate Pipeline: with seamless and automatic job board syndication over a dozen free job boards (and access to over 40 paid job boards), you’ll get the candidates you need, fast.
  • Review & Respond: quickly review candidates, and streamline communication with auto-magic email tracking.
  • Schedule & Interview: with 2-way sync email and calendar sync (both GSuite & MS Exchange/O365), all of your candidate communications and scheduling can be managed from the JobScore platform - never miss another note!
  • Measure & Optimize: JobScore gets you the insights you need with powerful reporting - cost per hire, pipeline velocity, and much more with both custom and pre-built reports. 





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Customer Testimonials 

“Our recruiters use JobScore like our sales team uses Salesforce.” 

Moses Sison 

Head of Talent & HR


“JobScore helped me seamlessly transform a chaotic, unmanageable process into a streamlined staffing function.”

Mike Smith

Vice President, People and Talent


About the partner 

JobScore helps companies streamline their recruiting and hiring with best-in-class software that delights.