Intelligent Review incorporating DocuSign Analyzer


Leverage AI technology to augment and automate pre-execution review and negotiation processes.

Intelligent Review combines legal subject matter expertise with AI technology to reduce review times, mitigate risk, and increase speed-to-deal closure. Specialist teams create custom AI extraction models and integrated clause library language, inline with the client’s specific risk profile, to drive increased value and to reduce costs.

Intelligent Review provides a solution that is uniquely designed to help commercial legal teams transform to a more efficient and productive function by unlocking value, mitigating risk, and elevating performance. By leveraging the power of DocuSign Analyzer AI technology, the application’s integrated tools can reduce human review time by 25 percent during negotiation on third-party paper and ensure consistency of response while mitigating risk. 

Intelligent Review delivers value on core contract provisions by reviewing draft agreements quickly, incorporating a risk-compliance scorecard, and leveraging custom clause libraries that are jointly built with the commercial function. This helps standardize redlining, improve quality and consistency, and provide attorney reviewers with preferred template language, during side-by-side review. Up to 55 percent cost savings can be achieved throughout the process.

Clients also benefit from reporting quantitative metrics and dashboard insights on the impact of their legal team, both in reducing commercial risk and in driving speed-to-deal closure.

Key Features
• Ai technology to reduce human review time 
• Mitigated risk through compliance scorecard
• Custom clause libraries to standardize the redlining process
• Performance reporting quantitative metrics
• Dashboard insights to help drive speed-to-deal closure


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