E-sign documents securely with INSZoom’s DocuSign integration for immigration law firms, corporations and their respective stakeholders


Typically, immigration law firms and corporations send documents such as retainer agreements to their clients for signatures via either email or physical mail. This process is not efficient and secure. INSZoom and DocuSign have partnered to solve this problem by integrating Docusign, the gold standard for e-signature with  INSZoom, the leader in immigration case management space. Together they are digitally transforming the immigration legaltech with this unique solution.

The INSZoom DocuSign integration will help the  law firms

  • Reduce the turn-around-time and the cost as sending emails,and printing, scanning and sending documents via express mails/courier is no longer required
  • Boost profitability through more focus on clients rather than getting documents signed
  • Protect confidential information with secure electronic storage
  • Make the customer experience delightful, seamless, error-free and collaborative through features like agreement templates, merging keywords, and documents tracker and reviewer
  • Give end-to-end visibility to their team and clients through a collaborative process that includes sending, signing, tracking, uploading, downloading and viewing agreements in INSZoom

How it works

Using DocuSign in INSZoom is a simple 4 steps process as follows-

  • Log into INSZoom, subscribe to Docusign INSZoom integration and enable DocuSign users
  • Insert keywords, prepare and add agreement templates to INSZoom from your local machine, or online/cloud based file repository.
  • Send agreements for e-signatures using DocuSign and track them in INSZoom
  • Upload signed copies to  INSZoom

Key Features

  • Merging keywords in documents
  • Agreement templates
  • Integration of INSZoom with DocuSign for preparing, signing, managing agreements
  • Monitoring and tracking agreements 



Please contact Viraj Phanse, Product Manager- Marketplace and Analytics  at viraj.phanse@inszoom.com or our sales team at sales@inszoom.com for more information.

About the partner 

INSZoom is the first SaaS cloud-based immigration case management software. We offer solutions for immigration attorneys, corporations, universities, healthcare organizations and non-profit groups. We provide a comprehensive platform that allows clients to share and process valuable information online, process immigration applications quickly and stay compliant while doing so. Today, INSZoom is synonymous to immigration technology and is used by 1400+ immigration law firms and corporations across the globe. For more details visit www.inszoom.com