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Core Values that Drive ROI

Our focus on core values is essential to providing our customers with tools, service and innovation that helps them focus on the bottom line and driving real business results.


Your Brand should be powerful; your Marketing should be different.

A Brokers brand can and should be an asset to the business, and a differentiator from their competition. Our goal is to ensure that you have a brand that is powerful and effective in gaining lots of long-term clients.

Solid Automation & Integrations allow you to achieve best practices.

Embracing best practices can be tough when you are constantly managing people and transactions. The right automation and integrations simplify your workflow and allow you solidify those best practices in your business.

You need simple Reporting on marketing and agent Performance.

Performance reporting is hard to nail down for many brokerages – which leads to lack of accountability. Simple and clear reporting enables you to make quick business decisions with a big, positive impact on your ROI.

About the partner 

Inside Real Estate is a fast-growing, independently-owned real estate software firm that serves as a trusted technology partner to over 250,000 top brokerages, agents, and teams. It was ranked the No. 1 Real Estate Tech Company in G2's Top 100 Software Awards, based solely on verified user reviews. Their flagship product, kvCORE, is known for delivering profitable growth at every level of a brokerage organization. Built on a modern, scalable, and flexible architecture, kvCORE enables every brokerage to create their unique technology ecosystem through custom branding, robust integrations, and high-quality add-on solutions. With an accomplished leadership team and 230+ employees, Inside Real Estate brings the resources, scale, and vision to deliver ongoing innovation and success to their growing customer base. Learn more at