Glemser’s Next Best Contract Action using DocuSign Agreement Cloud

A trusted partner to today’s global Pharma brand. Glemser is solving tomorrow problems with our Next Best Contract Action!

The intersection of contract information is a real opportunity for Glemser’s Next Best Contract Action with, world class leader, DocuSign Agreement Cloud. Today, Glemser’s pharmaceutical clients are facing the need for digital transformation in contract management.

Currently, many companies use basic file sharing with no line of site to what is upcoming for their contracts and renewals. Business events drive the world economy. Clients need a way to view and act upon their contracts when they reside in multiple repositories, lack metadata, or have poor search results. Glemser provides improved contract compliance and significant expense reduction.

Next Best Contract Action from Glemser is a unique combination of our regulated pharmaceutical industry knowledge and DocuSign Agreement Cloud. For over 30 years, Glemser has solved complex process, content and quality issues for our clients. Using the core functionality of DocuSign Agreement Cloud 2.0, we have developed a simple method that aligns to the “Glemser Way”. We listen and understand the problems that keep you up at night. Our basic starting point is to compile all the contract information into one instance, which we refer to as the crawl phase. The dashboard and drill down capabilities yield the first set of quick wins, where basic data supply chain information is found, indexed and de-duplicated.

Our walk phase allows us to solve your company’s number one contract challenge, which varies by client. This might be a divesture, merger/acquisition or a pressing confidential problem. We work with an out-of-the-box filter to accelerate our solutioning and recommendations.

Our run phase allows for important milestones. The ability to set up a user driven self-service kiosk is important as we modernize your digital transformation. This allows for further cost savings, contract and deal preparation and advanced scenario planning.

Key Features

“Next Best Contract Action”
Glemser’s Crawl, Walk, Run methodology (The Glemser Way)
Single source of truth for all contracts in a dashboard with drill down to details
Glemser’s legal and technology Self-Service Kiosk
Analyzer insights and CLM process improvements, supported by e-Signature 


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About the partner 

We serve life science clients by assuring product quality, improving regulatory compliance and gaining operational efficiencies that reduce costs. We develop industry-leading IT solutions and services that are essential for life science clients throughout North America, Europe and Asia to solve their most pressing challenges in quality, compliance and efficiency. Dedication to our client success is of the upmost importance to us, as evidenced through our quality and proven methods for over 30 years. Our talented global professionals and approach to quality, result in client engagements that are on time, on budget and on benefit.

Emerging technologies, innovative methods and cloud computing are modernizing our clients’ portfolios. We utilize Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, Natural Language Generation and Advanced Analytics to address our clients’ most pressing business opportunities. We listen, understand and offer pragmatic solutions to your global regulatory environments. Our expertise spans the value chain of research, manufacturing and commercial operations from emerging companies to the largest industry clients. We take the time to listen carefully and fully understand client requests to exceed their expectations.

We are primarily a LinkedIn shop for B2B posting, where we have over 10,000+ industry contracts across 4 primary resources. By using LinkedIn, our digital storefront reaches our clients, prospects and ecosystem.