Gain control over the design, content and distribution of your documents.

Evisions FormFusion enables higher education professionals to take control over the design and delivery of documents. It helps institutions save time and money by automating, and increasing the flexibility of, document creation and distribution.

FormFusion will take plain text output and produce rich, dynamic, digital documents tailored to the needs of your organization. The intuitive easy-to-use interface gives you complete control over the layout and format, to make your forms look exactly how you want.

FormFusion will map the content on the standard output of the institution’s ERP system, giving you the ability to position it in the document. (Evisions has already mapped the standard output files for select ERP solutions.) If the standard output is missing desired data, FormFusion can access any SQLcompliant database and query additional data. Once queried, FormFusion facilitates placement of that data in any location on the document and on any copy.

Lastly, FormFusion allows for mathematical calculations to be performed and results placed on a document.

Evisions integrates DocuSign’s acknowledgement and eSignature capabilities into its FormFusion document enhancement and delivery solution.

Key Benefits 

  • Improves efficiency: FormFusion automates a number of document-related processes, saving you time. It streamlines document delivery, provides intuitive pre-built templates, and minimizes custom programming, development, and maintenance.
  • Saves money: Eliminate costly pre-printed forms and paper stock. Reduce postage and document delivery costs, while lessening paper waste through FormFusion’s PDF output options.
  • Increases flexibility: This easy-to-use document enhancement solution offers more versatility in your document creation. Exercise greater control over the look and layout of forms, while pulling in data from multiple sources.


Customer Testimonials 

“We used to print up to 10,000 bills a month and use an outsourcing company to send them out. With FormFusion, we now print fewer than 500 bills a month and have saved a ton in printing and postage.”

David Henry

Business Analyst, University of Wyoming

“We experienced so many benefits from implementing E-billing by using FormFusion! In the first year after implementation, we saved over $88,000 in printing costs and postage alone, which made our school administration very happy. We saw reduced personnel time necessary to process our bills. E-billing also drastically reduced our return rate from the post office for those students that failed to update or forward their addresses. Students, proxies, and staff now also have convenient access to billing statements online at any time. When the benefits include convenience, proven significant savings, and happy students, staff, and school administration, it’s a win-win for everyone! It doesn’t get any better than that!”

Jill Kirkpatrick

Bursar, Southern Illinois University

Compatibility & Version Information 

The DocuSign integration will be a module for FormFusion than will work in version 3.8+ of FormFusion.


About the partner 

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